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There are lots of ways to kill bed bugs, but few ways to completely rid a home of bed bugs. One of the most powerful treatment methods to eradicate bed bugs is heat remediation. This is a protocol that utilizes temperature controlled heaters, strategically placed heat sensors, and industrial strength fans to heat a structure to above 120°F, a temperature hot enough to kill bed bugs in all stages of development. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider this treatment method for your home or business.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments Are Fast

When you have a pest control company do a bed bug heat treatment, those bugs will be destroyed in a single day. You don't have to worry about follow up treatments. This treatment method is fast!

Bed Bug Heat Treatments Work

There are few bugs as resilient and resourceful as bed bugs. This is a bug that is wired to avoid danger, and able to live months without food. When pest measures are not done properly, these bugs flee into wall voids and secluded spaces and wait till it is safe to come back out and feed. That means another infestation down the road. But, a heat treatment addresses the entire structure and radiates into walls to kill bugs, even as they try to escape.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments Are Safe

You may have heard that bed bug heat treatments are a fire hazard, but there is no safer way to kill bed bugs than with heat. Sure, it is extremely hard to safely raise the temperature of a structure to a constant 120°F, even for someone who claims to treat for bed bugs all the time, but when you hire a pest control company that has been audited by a trusted 3rd party, you can know for sure that your property will be safe. At Russell's Pest Control, our technicians adhere to best management practices for bed bugs set forth by the National Pest Management Association, with full certification to guarantee that we are BedBug Free Approved. This stamp of approval lets you know that we have taken all the steps necessary for safety and effectiveness.

Heat Treatments Get In Deep

When these blood-eating pests invade your home you may be tempted to throw out your beds, your couch, your comfy chair, and your clothes, but a heat treatment can help you keep all these items. Heat radiates deep into all the items in your home to kill bed bugs where they're hiding. Heat gets into places chemicals can't.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments Kill Chemical Resistant Bugs

One of the most frustrating traits these bugs have is that they can develop a resistance to chemicals. Bugs that are born in a home that has been doused with chemicals may be born with a cuticle (skin) that is more resistant to those chemicals. If the bugs that have hitchhiked into your home are "super" bed bugs, heat is going to be the most effective way to kill them. That chemical resistance isn't going to keep them alive at 120°F.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments And Chemicals Are A One-Two Punch

There are some instances when chemicals are needed. They are useful for corralling bed bugs and keeping those bugs from escaping into wall voids and beyond. They are also a helpful tool for targeting small infestations. But, the radiating power of hot steam can help ensure that no bed bugs survive.

When bed bugs invade, turn up the heat! Heat is a non-toxic and effective way to destroy bed bugs. It takes hours, not days, to kill all the bugs in your home. It leaves behind no residue or pollutants. And, heat gets into places chemicals can't go. Find out if a heat treatment is needed for your bed bug infestation. Schedule a bed bug inspection right here, and let's get you on the way to being bed bug-free.


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