A carpenter ant in Knoxville TN - Russell's Pest Control

Dealing with Carpenter Ant Damage in Knoxville

Carpenter ants might not be able to cause as much damage as termites in Knoxville TN, but they come with their own quirks that make them a hassle to deal
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Termites in Eastern TN - Russell's Pest Control

Warning Signs Of A Spring Termite Infestation In Eastern Tennessee

Termites are one of the sneakiest pests in Eastern TN, which doesn’t pair well with the fact that they’re also the most destructive. A fully-developed colony of subterranean termites can
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Inspecting an attic for pests in Knoxville TN - Russell's Pest Control

Do I Hear Animal Noises in the Attic?

Are you hearing scratching, scampering, or loud thuds coming from your attic? Odd sounds from your ceiling and walls are the first signs that many use to identify their wildlife
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Earwig in Knoxville TN home - Russell's Pest Control

Why Are Earwigs Invading My Home?

Looking at an earwig up close, you would think it would be far more comfortable living in some alien landscape than on your bathroom floor. Its slimy appearance and foreboding
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Fruit flies in Knoxville TN home - Russell's Pest Control

Why Do I Have Flies in the Winter?

Flies are typically associated with the summer heat, especially here in Knoxville. The presence of flies in the home is never pleasant, and during the winter they may cause confusion
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Rodents And New Construction

Here in Knoxville TN, we’ve helped clear rodents out of dozens of homes and businesses every winter. While we commonly think of older homes as having more vulnerabilities that could
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