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Wildlife Removal & Control

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Outdoors, it’s completely normal and expected to see wild animals such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and birds. However, these animals can become a nuisance—as well as downright dangerous—when they get onto or into our homes. Wildlife can cause damage to properties and endanger those within, which is why it’s so important to keep them out. At Russell’s Pest Control, we enlist a team of certified wildlife control experts to help keep wild animals out of your Knoxville property—for good.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wildlife Removal

Whether you have raccoons on the roof or squirrels in the attic, it’s important to always enlist the help of a professional. Trying to remove wild animals on your own can be risky for both you and the animal. Our team of experts is able to locate the source of the problem and determine the best way to safely remove the wild animals. This can range from traps to humane capture and relocation of wildlife. In addition, we will implement wildlife exclusion tactics to keep the wildlife from returning.

Knoxville is home to many types of wildlife that can invade homes and businesses. Our certified wildlife control experts provide safe and humane removal services for the following animals:

The attic is a hotspot for wildlife problems. The main indicators of wild animals in your attic or home include unusual noises, scratching, and squeaking in your walls and attic, feces or droppings in areas of your home, gnaw marks on wires or walls, urine stains on ceilings or floors, and foul odors. Signs of wildlife outside your home include rustling noises under your deck or porch, as well as trash cans that have been turned over and picked through.

Wildlife exclusion services are designed to keep wild animals away from your home. Exclusion involves the use of barriers to reduce the risk of animals getting into your property. It also includes covering your vents and chimneys with screens, covering overhangs, keeping a tidy yard, making sure your trash cans are properly sealed, and more. These efforts are the best way to prevent wild animals from finding your property suitable.

Wild animals can wreak havoc inside your home or business. Some wildlife may chew holes in your roof or walls, tear and chew your insulation, break siding and damage floors, and even chew through wires. When wild animals chew on electric wires there can be a fire hazard. Additional damage wildlife can create includes cleanup from messes caused by nesting, droppings, and urine. Some wild animals carry and spread germs and bacteria that can make you or your family sick.

If you have a wildlife problem that results in property damage, your homeowner’s insurance policy will often provide coverage both for the property itself and items inside. All policies differ, and many exclude damage from certain pests (such as rodents or squirrels). Check with your insurance provider for more details.

Wildlife trapping is a safe and humane way to remove animals from your property. When done properly, wildlife trapping is completely safe for all involved. The main goal of trapping is to relocate the animal in a more suitable environment, reducing risk to the animal population.

Nuisance wildlife problems should always be handled by a professional pest control expert. Especially when wild animals are on your property, they can be defensive when they feel threatened by the unknown environment. For the safety of you, your family, and your property, it’s best to always enlist the help of a professional wildlife control company that can safely remove the animals for you.

Local Wildlife Removal Experts

If you notice a wild animal in or on your property, never try to remove it on your own. There is always a chance of injury to yourself or the animal, which is why a professional wildlife control company is necessary. Our wildlife removal team will take the following steps to solve the problem:
  1. Identify the type of wildlife you are dealing with and where the problem is occurring.
  2. Recommend a specific plan for safely capturing and relocating the animal.
  3. Humanely trap the animal and safely remove it from your home or business.
  4. As a part of our wildlife exclusion service, we will secure possible entry points where these animals may be entering your property to prevent future problems.

Common Wildlife in Knoxville


TAP® Insulation for Wildlife

TAP® Pest Control Insulation is an innovative, environmentally friendly home insulation product that also works to prevent pest problems in your home or business. There are many benefits to this home insulation, including reduced energy bill costs and improved air quality. In addition to keeping insect and pest problems in check, TAP Insulation works as a wildlife control option for your home.

Knoxville’s Trusted Wildlife Control Technicians

At Russell’s Pest Control, our wildlife control experts know how distressing a wildlife problem can be. We are proud to enlist expert, licensed professionals that can get rid of your wildlife problem quickly, safely, and humanely. Contact us today to learn more!

Wildlife Removal & Control in Knoxville TN

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