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Wildlife Removal & Control

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Encountering wildlife like raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and birds in their natural outdoor habitats is a normal aspect of nature. However, when these animals stumble into our living spaces, they can become potential threats. From property damage to health hazards, the presence of wildlife near our living environments necessitates effective control measures. At Russell’s Pest Control, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and secure boundary between your Knoxville home and the wild outdoors. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of certified wildlife control professionals dedicated to ensuring these animals remain in their natural habitats, away from your property. Leveraging advanced techniques and humane solutions, we’re committed to protecting your home from unwanted wildlife intrusions, ensuring your peace of mind remains undisturbed.

Why Is Wildlife a Problem for Your Home?

Wildlife can become a problem for your home for several reasons, including:

  • Property Damage: Animals such as squirrels and raccoons can chew through roofing materials, wires, and even plumbing in search of shelter or food, leading to expensive repairs. They can also damage gardens, lawns, and outdoor furniture.
  • Health Risks: Wildlife can carry diseases and parasites that pose health risks to humans and pets. For example, raccoons can carry rabies, and rodents can spread diseases like Hantavirus through their droppings and urine.
  • Safety Hazards: Some wildlife, when cornered or threatened, may become aggressive and attack, posing direct physical threats to homeowners and their pets.
  • Noise and Odor: Animals living in attics, walls, or crawl spaces can create unpleasant noises and odors. This can disrupt your peace and comfort at home.
  • Attracting Other Pests: Wildlife can attract other pests to your home, such as fleas, ticks, and mites, exacerbating the pest problem.
  • Food Contamination: Wildlife can contaminate food sources within the home, leading to waste and potential health issues if contaminated food is unknowingly consumed.

For these reasons, it’s crucial to manage wildlife encounters around your home proactively to protect your property, health, and safety.

Signs You Might Have a Wildlife Problem 

If you’re worried about wildlife making its way into your home, here are some key signs to watch for:

  • Noises: Scratching, scurrying, or thumping sounds in walls, attics, or crawl spaces, especially at night.
  • Damage: Chewed wires, holes in the roof or walls, and torn insulation are signs animals are making themselves at home.
  • Droppings: Finding animal feces in or around your home can indicate an infestation.
  • Tracks: Unusual tracks in your yard or garden might be a clue.
  • Odors: Strange smells coming from hidden areas could be a sign of an animal den.
  • Pet Behavior: Your pets might act agitated or bark at what seems like nothing if wildlife is nearby.

Spotting these signs early can help you address a potential wildlife problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

Common Wildlife in Knoxville


Who Do I Call to Remove Critters From My Home?

When dealing with nuisance wildlife, it’s critical to turn to a professional pest control expert. Wild animals can become defensive and unpredictable in unfamiliar settings, posing potential risks to your safety and your property. To ensure the well-being of both your family and the wildlife, it’s advisable to engage a specialized wildlife control service. These experts are trained to safely and humanely remove animals, alleviating your concerns and restoring peace to your home.

Our Wildlife Removal Process

Encountering wildlife on your property can be alarming, and handling these situations on your own could lead to harm for both you and the animal. That’s where our professional wildlife control services come in. Our expert team follows a comprehensive approach to ensure the safe and humane resolution of your wildlife issues:

  • Assessment: We start by identifying the species causing trouble and pinpointing the problem areas on your property.
  • Customized Plan: Based on our assessment, we’ll develop a tailored strategy for the humane capture and relocation of the wildlife.
  • Safe Removal: Our experts will carefully trap and remove the animal from your premises, prioritizing safety and humane treatment.
  • Prevention: To avoid future wildlife intrusions, we’ll implement exclusion measures, sealing off potential entry points and fortifying your property against unwelcome visitors.

Knoxville’s Trusted Wildlife Control Technicians

At Russell’s Pest Control, our wildlife control experts know how distressing a wildlife problem can be for your home or business. We are proud to enlist expert, licensed professionals who can get rid of your wildlife problem quickly, safely, and humanely. 

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