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How to spot bed bugs in Knoxville

To spot bed bugs, look at the following areas in your home: mattresses, box springs, mattress tags, baseboards, upholstered couches or chairs, picture frames, and more!

Bed bug droppings and spots on mattress

Bed bugs can be found just about anywhere. Some of the other places you may spot them include:

  • Cracks in the wall
  • Bedding
  • Wallpaper
  • Power outlets
  • Luggage

Can bed bugs be seen with the naked eye?

Because of their tiny size, bed bugs are notoriously difficult to spot unless you know what you’re looking for. They’re especially hard to find for two reasons: they often hide out of sight, and they’re commonly confused for other bugs. In addition, bed bugs are nocturnal and nest in their cracks and crevices until they come out to feed at night. This makes it difficult to know when you have a bed bug infestation in your property.

Where do bed bugs usually hide?

An infestation often begins when someone carries the bugs indoors from another infested location. Bed bugs hide inside luggage, backpacks, purse, and even in clothing. This is why so many infestations start after someone has returned home after traveling!

Bed bugs are also commonly brought indoors when infested used furniture is transported. The good news is that bed bugs don’t typically travel on people. Once indoors, bed bugs will spread to several areas of the property that provide a hiding spot for them to rest until they are active overnight.

How to look for bed bugs in Knoxville

Bed bugs are most active at night or when you are at rest, making it hard to know when to look for them. Most commonly bed bugs hide in or near areas where people rest. This includes bedding and mattresses, but also upholstered furniture, chairs, and more. They can also be found behind wallpaper, under the edge of rugs or a carpet, inside wall cracks, electrical outlets, and any other narrow spot inside your property. A bed bug exterminator is always the best way to find these bugs in your property.

How to spot bed bugs in Knoxville in Knoxville TN

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