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Bed bugs are one of the most dreaded pests of all time, and there’s no need to question why. These tiny insects feed on the blood of their human hosts. Even worse, they spread easily and are difficult to control without the help of a bed bug exterminator. At Russell’s Pest Control, our bed bug extermination team can implement long-lasting, effective bed bug control in your Knoxville home or business.

Bed Bug FAQ

Bed bugs are often confused for other small insects, but they have a few characteristics that set them apart! Adult bed bugs are relatively small, about 5 mm long and 3 mm wide. Their bodies are oval and dark brown or reddish in color. Bed bug nymphs are smaller (between 1-4 mm) and their pale translucent color acts as camouflage against light colored mattresses, sheets and box springs. After a meal, bed bugs can appear more engorged and dark purple or red in color!

Bed bug bites are often confused for mosquito or other types of bites. There are several distinctive features of bed bug bites that may help identify them: 

  1. Bed bug bites usually appear on parts of the body/skin that are exposed while you’re sleeping, such as the arms, legs, and even your neck!
  2. Bed bug bites are not random like other bug bites are, instead populating in straight lines or zigzag lines. This shows their feeding pattern.
  3. A bite can cause a number of symptoms from red, itchy marks to more swollen areas. Some individuals never develop any symptoms, while others rarely develop more serious symptoms*.

*If experiencing severe symptoms similar to an allergic reaction, seek immediate help from your doctor.

Bed bugs are certainly frightening and can cause psychological distress, but they aren’t considered dangerous as certain types of pests are. Unlike mosquitoes, bed bug bites do not transmit any dangerous diseases. An infestation is certainly gross, but bed bugs do not cause the kind of property damage that is seen with rodent or termite infestations.

Yes! One misconception about bed bugs is that they are attracted to messy homes–this is simply not true. Bed bug infestations are random and can often start when people inadvertently bring them home after traveling, or when people buy used, infested furniture. Bed bugs are drawn to warmth and blood, and will gladly infest any property that provides them just that.

Seeing live bed bugs is of course the main indication that you have bed bugs. However, there are a few other things to keep an eye out for:

  • Red, itchy bites in clusters or patterns on legs, arms and exposed body parts while sleeping.
  • Blood stains on sheets, pillow cases or upholstery that smear when wet with a damp cloth. 
  • A sweet, musty odor that emits from their bodies when crushed.

When it comes to getting bed bugs out of your home or business, it’s important to use the best treatment options available. This always comes in the form of professional bed bug treatment from a pest control company. At Russell’s Pest Control, our team uses the industry’s most trusted control method: heat treatment! DIY bed bug removal will never be a long-lasting solution to your bed bug problem, which is why you should leave it to the experts.

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Bed Bug Removal in Knoxville

Bed bug extermination always requires the help of a professional exterminator. Bed bugs hide in mattresses, baseboards, upholstered furniture, and even in light switches or power outlets. They feed while you’re at rest and thus usually only seen at night, making them notoriously difficult to locate. For this reason, it’s crucial to enlist the help of a bed bug pest control company.

Our Bed Bug Extermination Process

At Russell’s Pest Control, we know how distressing a bed bug infestation can be. Our bed bug removal experts will work to quickly and effectively implement the best bed bug removal methods for your home or business. Our process will include the following steps:

  1. A thorough property inspection to identify the source of the infestation and the location of the bed bugs
  2. A discussion to review findings and determine the best treatment plan
  3. Implementation of bed bug treatment to infested areas
  4. A detailed bed bug extermination report describing the treatment
  5. Bed bug control and prevention tips to avoid future infestations

Russell’s Bed Bug Control 

When it comes to bed bug extermination, DIY or at-home methods simply won’t work. Without the help of a bed bug exterminator, getting rid of the entire infestation won’t be successful. At Russell’s Pest Control, our bed bug extermination experts will thoroughly inspect your home and come up with a bed bug removal plan suited to the needs of your property.