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Bird Control - Removal

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Sometimes it’s lovely to have birds around, but in the wrong circumstances, they can cause serious problems for home and business owners. Besides being a nuisance and causing property damage, birds can spread diseases through the germs and bacteria in their droppings, causing as many as 60 different kinds of illnesses and infections in humans. Businesses in Knoxville TN have strict sanitation standards to follow, so it’s important to hire a bird pest control specialist to keep your establishment protected. Read on to learn how our bird control experts can help!

Bird Identification

Our Bird Removal Process

At Russell’s Pest Control, we know that bird problems can be unendingly frustrating. Our bird control services will ensure that your home or business is free from bird problems for good. You can expect the following from our bird removal team:

  1. A complete property inspection to determine the bird species and cause of infestation
  2. Application of pertinent bird control products and strategies
  3. Implementation of bird removal tactics to rid the property of active birds
  4. An exhaustive bird removal report detailing the entire treatment
  5. Bird control and prevention advice to help you keep your home or business bird-free

Frequently Asked Questions About Birds

Experienced bird removal technicians will have the ability to get rid of birds on your property using professional strategies and products. Trying to get rid of birds on your own can lead to safety hazards, undesired results, and treading on local wildlife preservation regulations. Make sure to call your local exterminators to ask any questions about dealing with local birds.

Birds are attracted to places where they can roost, nest, and find food. If you have lots of standing water buildup, native insects and plants around your yard, or unorderly plant growth, birds will be able to find what they need to stick around. Limiting these things around the outside of your home or business will keep birds away.

Here are the ways we recommend you bird-proof your home in Knoxville TN:

  • Repellent sprays: You can make a repellent spray with crushed chili peppers, vinegar, and water. Stir in together and heat in a crockpot or sunlight for an effective bird repellent spray.
  • Bird spikes: Setting up bird spikes in areas where birds commonly roost can deter them from hanging out around your property.
  • Garden balls: Setting up these reflective balls can scare off birds with bright lights and the semblance of predator eyes.
  • Predators: You can buy figurines of predators like cats or owls to scare birds off. Make sure you rotate them so birds think they’re active threats.

Birds around Knoxville eat many kinds of insects, spiders, berries, seeds, nuts, and vegetation. Larger birds will eat fish, small mammals, decaying matter, or even other birds. This means that preventative measures should take many forms, as all kinds of conditions can attract birds in our area. Sealing your trash cans, monitoring your garden for insects, and working around local bird diets when making plant selections are all helpful.

Safe Pest Control for Birds

In the vast majority of cases, bird removal is no job for amateurs. Because you have to abide by multiple regulations while keeping yourself safe, it’s important to ask for help from your local bird control experts. At Russell’s Pest Control, our bird removal services are guaranteed to be safe and effective.

Bird Control – Removal in Knoxville TN

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