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Rat and mouse infestations are one of the most feared pest problems. Rodents are infamous for spreading filth and disease wherever they go. They also can be destructive with their chewing and nesting habits. DIY mice control is rarely successful for long-term prevention, which is why it’s so important to work with a professional rodent exterminator. Russell’s Pest Control has been providing quick, effective mice control in the Knoxville area for years.

Rats & Mice FAQ

Rats and mice have many similar characteristics, but differ in a number of ways. Here’s how they look:

  • Mice are typically 2-4 inches in length (without the tail). Some rats can measure up to 9 inches long (or up to 16 inches with their tail).
  • Rats have larger feet, a thick and hairless tail, and small ears.
  • Mice, on the other hand, have larger ears and a long thin tail covered with hairs.
  • Rodent droppings differ as well. Rat droppings are shiny black and up to 3/4″ long. Mice droppings are smaller with pointed ends.

Rodents are a common pest problem all year long here in Knoxville. However, people often dub fall and winter as rodent season as this tends to be when infestations spike in numbers. But why? When the temperature drops, rats and mice will be driven indoors for warmth and shelter to wait out the winter. With fall marking the beginning of the rodent season, it’s also the perfect time to prevent rats and mice from making themselves at home in your home. 

Rodent problems are one of the most feared pest infestations because they are both destructive and dangerous. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Rats and mice can contaminate surfaces with their feces and urine.
  • Some rodent species can carry a wide array of potentially dangerous diseases.
  • A rat or mouse infestation can cause structural damage to your home with their nesting habits.
  • With their ever-growing incisors, rodents can gnaw through electric wires and create a fire hazard.

When rodents are in your home, they likely won’t want to be near you. However, rats can bite in defense if they feel threatened. This defensive bite is rare, but can have serious repercussions. Rat saliva in some species carries dangerous diseases such as leptospirosis and Hantavirus. In even more rare circumstances, bite victims may contract rat-bite fever or tetanus infections.

In any case, always seek professional medical attention when you are experiencing symptoms from a rodent bite.

Rodents get indoors through the tiniest of cracks and crevices. Rats are excellent climbers and rats can jump from overhanging trees to access roof lines and attics. Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime and rats only need a gap the size of a quarter. Some of the most common spaces through which rodents enter include dryer vents, utility pipes, exterior doors, garage doors, and chimneys.

With their ever-growing teeth and nesting behaviors, rats and mice alike can inflict quite a bit of damage on your property. Their gnawing can be particularly threatening: Because they are able to chew on wires, pipes, gas lines, and more, rodents can cause a fire hazard inside the walls of your Knoxville home. They also will nest with just about any material they can get their paws on inside your home.

Rodents are infamous for their ability to carry and spread dangerous bacteria and germs that are linked to more than 35 harmful diseases. Some of the most common diseases include:

  1. Hantavirus
  2. Salmonella
  3. Lassa fever
  4. Leptospirosis
  5. Tularemia
  6. LCM
  7. Rat-bite fever
  8. Plague

Popular DIY rodent control methods include snap traps, glue traps, and other store-bought products. These may work when you have just a couple rats or mice, but they will be ineffective when you have an entire infestation on your hands. Rodents are smart creatures and they breed at a rapid rate. Getting rid of a group of them typically entails the assistance of a professional rodent exterminator.

To keep rodents away, you have to seal off your property to them. The best ways to do this include:

  • Eliminating access to your home and removing the food and water resources that attract them.
  • Sealing gaps and holes around utility cables, outdoor vents or pipe work with steel wool or silicone-based caulk.
  • Regularly cleaning your home to get rid of clutter and using tight fitting lids on trash bins.
  • Picking up fallen fruit outdoors, cleaning up around bird feeders, removing leaf litter, and picking up pet waste.

Rats and mice can be difficult to get rid of without the help of a professional. There are many store-bought options to do it yourself, but a large infestation almost always needs to be handled by an expert. Not only can a rodent exterminator get rid of your infestation, they can also ensure you do not deal with future rodent problems by helping to prevent them year-round.

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Our Rat & Mice Exterminator Process

No one wants rodents running rampant in their property, which is why the rodent exterminators at Russell’s Pest Control focus on long-term mice control. Our rat and mouse exterminators will implement the following steps to get rid of your rodent problem:

  • A thorough property inspection to identify the source of the infestation and the rodent species
  • Placement or application of rodent control products and treatments
  • A detailed mice control report describing the treatment
  • Prevention tips from our mice exterminators to avoid future infestations

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Industry-leading Rodent Exterminators

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, the last thing you want is a rodent infestation. As soon as you spot a rat or mouse in your property, it’s time to call the rat and mouse exterminators at Russell’s Pest Control. Our team will work with you to come up with a rodent control plan suited to the unique needs of your property. We have been the Knoxville area’s leader in mouse control for years and can be trusted to prevent future rodent infestations from starting.

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