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Sleep With Peace of Mind

Bed bugs are a serious pest problem and one that is more common than you might realize. Here in Tennessee, they are a concern for both homes and businesses and require a professional solution. At Russell’s, our team of bed bug control specialists stand ready to resolve your bed bug infestation, no matter how severe.

As members of the National Pest Management Association, we adhere to their Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs. We’ve also completed a rigorous training and screening process to earn the bedbugFREE company designation. Created by BedBug Central, this network refers homeowners and business owners to the best bed bug professionals in their area.  

Don’t lose sleep worrying about bed bug bites, contact Russell’s Pest Control for expert bed bug detection and control.

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Bed Bug Detection

First, we must confirm that you do have a bed bug problem and that it’s not another pest. When inspecting for bed bugs, our inspector will look for:

  • Live bed bugs

  • Bed bug eggs

  • Shed skins

  • Fecal staining on sheets and other sites where bed bugs hide

  • Other evidence of bed bugs

Though we must inspect beds very thoroughly, we also look for bed bugs in nearby furniture and other areas where people sit or sleep.  

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Bed Bug Treatment

If bed bugs (or signs of them) are detected, our bed bug inspector will go over the findings, provide a quote for bed bug treatment, and let you know what you can expect from the bed bug service.  

We are often asked if mattresses, couches or other infested items have to be thrown out and the answer is no.  Tossing an infested item will not resolve the problem and may result in a financial burden.  We'll walk you through the process of preparing for a treatment, what to expect during and after service.  And of course, we're always available if you have questions after we leave. 



Bed Bug Heat Remediation

Here at Russell’s Pest Control, we understand bed bugs. We know where they eat. We know where they hide and we know what it takes to eliminate them. We’ve been battling bed bugs for years with traditional bed bug control options but are now pleased to offer highly effective bed bug heat treatments.

That’s right, we’re bringing the heat to kill bed bugs in a single treatment and a single day. And we know it works. Bed bugs cannot withstand temperatures that surpass 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if they’re hiding in the cracks between floorboards, these biting pests will not live. And no bed bug will remain –we’re talking eggs, nymphs and adult bed bugs! Talk about effective. Most chemical bed bug treatments that can take weeks to eliminate completely, but heat treatments can get them out of your home within one day! Contact us today schedule your service!

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