What Is Attracting Cockroaches To My Home?

A brown-banded cockroach in Knoxville TN - Russell's Pest Control

Having cockroaches in your home can be an unendingly frustrating experience. What’s even more frustrating is not being able to tell where they’re coming from. To top it all off, if you let them hang around for too long, you put yourself and your family at the risk of exposure to many different diseases—salmonella, typhoid fever, and dysentery are just a few. To avoid being subjected to the burden of an infestation and the possibility of common cockroach diseases, you have to understand more about the pests and what you can do to prevent them in Knoxville TN. Learn all about cockroach prevention with Russell’s Pest Control below!

Why Do I Have Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are not picky creatures—they are only looking for a bit of food, a source of water, and a place to hide. You can keep your home squeaky clean for the most part, but cockroaches can find and pick on certain weaknesses, eventually deciding to move in. Here are a few causes that could be contributing to your cockroach infestation:

  • Dirty dishes, counters, and floors that may have accumulated food crumbs and residue.
  • Areas with high levels of moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens. 
  • Uncovered garbage cans and recycling bins.
  • Excess yard waste or overflowing compost bins. 
  • Dark, cluttered areas that provide shelter for the cockroaches’ growing family.

How to Get Rid of Cockroach Infestations

Cockroach infestations can be quite difficult to deal with once they’ve already established a breeding population on your property. The best way to avoid dealing with this is taking preventative measures before an outbreak starts. Here are some ways you can prevent roaches on your property:

  1. Wash and dry your dishes thoroughly after meals. Clean counters and sweep floors often to prevent food debris from piling up.
  2. Reduce moisture in your home by running a dehumidifier in problem spaces. Also, check around your plumbing fixtures and gutters often for cracks and moisture buildup.
  3. Keep all garbage bins and recycling cans sealed shut and properly emptied. Compost piles should be turned over often or kept in their own separate bins.
  4. Organize and declutter your home. The fewer places cockroaches have to hide, the less interested they’ll be in staying.

Not all cockroaches will be deterred by these preventative efforts, though. It takes a trained and experienced eye to discover the source of some cockroach infestations.

Get Rid of Roaches with Professional Help

Are you struggling to find the source of your cockroaches and wondering how to get rid of them quickly? Reach out to your local pest control company for help. The cockroach exterminators at Russell’s Pest Control have years of experience upending the roots of roach outbreaks, safely removing roaches in homes and businesses, and helping our customers prevent future infestations with advice and preventative maintenance. For a free quote or to learn more about how our team can keep you roach-free, contact us today!

Plumbing Problems & Pest Infestations

Cockroaches are attracted to leaks in Knoxville TN homes - Russell's Pest Control

Discovering a leak in your home can be a nightmare. Discovering pests like termites or cockroaches can be even worse! The bad news is that these two instances usually go hand in hand. Pests are very drawn to areas with a lot of excess moisture, which is why they’re frequently. So, when you have a leaky faucet or a broken pipe, you can be sure you’re inadvertently creating a haven for pest activity. For this reason, it’s important to always be on the lookout for leaky pipes or issues in your home if you want to prevent pest problems as well. The experts at Russell’s Pest Control are here to tell you everything you need to know about leaky pipes and pests in your Knoxville TN home.

Water: A Pest’s Best Friend

Water is one of the main pest attractants. While most need water just for survival, many others are drawn to the environment caused by excess moisture. The four most common pests that are known to dwell in areas with excess moisture are as follows:

  • Termites: If a broken pipe has caused water damage in the very structure of your home, you can be sure termites are to follow. Subterranean termites in particular are attracted to moist wood and soil. When there are unattended-to leaky pipes or plumbing issues, you could be leaving your home vulnerable to termites.
  • Ants: These tiny pests will appear seemingly out of nowhere when excess moisture is abundant. Leaky faucets or spilled water from a pet’s bowl can bring ants out in the hundreds. In addition to your typical house ant, water can be a main attractant to the wood-destroying carpenter ant as well.
  • Cockroaches: Roaches may be known for their resiliency, but they aren’t as strong as you’d think. Without water for a week, a roach will not survive. Cockroaches also love to linger inside of pipes and plumbing fixtures. An issue can quickly introduce roaches into other parts of the house.
  • Rodents: Rats and mice alike are always looking for a water supply. Leaky pipes or broken faucets in your crawl space or laundry room can provide a haven for rodents. The last thing you want is rodents scurrying around when you have a plumbing issue, making it important to prevent them.

How to Prevent Pests When Leaks Happen

In order to prevent pest problems in your home, you need to know how to prevent the conditions that would attract them in the first place! Here’s how:

  1. Regularly inspect to ensure your faucets aren’t dripping, your drains aren’t clogging, and there are no leaks from your fridge, washing machine, or dishwasher.
  2. If there are problems, get them fixed right away with the help of a licensed professional.
  3. Consider running a dehumidifier in areas of your home that are more prone to moisture!

Need Help Getting Rid of Pests After a Leak?

Whether you’re already dealing with pest infestations that resulted from a plumbing leak in your home, or you want to prevent pests altogether, the experts at Russell’s Pest Control can help—contact us today!

Are Cockroaches Nocturnal?

Cockroaches at night in Knoxville TN - Russell's Pest Control

No one wants to encounter a cockroach in their home. The truth is that you may have cockroaches in your home, but never see them whatsoever. This is because roaches are indeed nocturnal creatures. Roaches typically shield themselves from the light of day, and hunt for food overnight. If you happen to encounter roaches in the daytime, then, it’s a bad sign you already have a serious infestation on your hands.

Whether you think you have a roach infestation or not, it’s important to learn about the unique behavior and schedule of cockroaches. The experts at Russell’s Pest Control are here to share everything you need to know.

Cockroaches at Night

Similar to other animals and insects, roaches possess a unique circadian rhythm that includes a resting period. In one study, it was proven that roaches have three states of activity: a period of locomotion, a period of limb or antennae movement but no locomotion, and a period of immobility. Under normal light conditions (light during the day and dark overnight), cockroaches were only active at night, typically during the period right before midnight. There was little activity during the early morning hours, and roaches were found to rest during the daytime.

Roaches During the Day

If you spot even a couple of roaches running around during the day inside your home, you may be in bad luck. Here’s what that could implicate:

  • You have a serious cockroach infestation already underway.
  • Cockroaches have been forced out of their typical hiding places due to a lack of resources.
  • Artificial light can sometimes disorient roaches, encouraging them to come out in the daytime.

Where Do Cockroaches Hide in My Home?

Cockroaches prefer to stay in the shade, which is why they dwell in the darker areas around your home. Roaches are often found in bathrooms, basements, and crawl spaces. However, if there is a serious infestation, many other areas can become a roach’s new home: under the appliances in your kitchen, underneath sinks, inside light switches, or amongst boxes in your attic or garage. If you stumble upon them during the day by moving an object, they will likely run for cover.

Cockroaches in Knoxville Homes

If you are noticing roaches during the daytime, it’s time to contact your local cockroach control experts. At Russell’s Pest Control, our team works hard to get rid of the pests and keep them away for good. We can help implement prevention methods to make sure roaches aren’t running around your house at night ever again. Contact us today to get started!

Is TAP Insulation Better Than Regular Insulation?

TAP Insulation in Knoxville TN - Russell's Pest Control

Home insulation is important to keep your property at your desired temperature and to aid in noise reduction. But what if your insulation could also prevent pest problems common in Knoxville households? That’s where TAP® Insulation comes into play. This environmentally-friendly home insulation option is superior to traditional insulation in several ways. Not only does it outperform other options, but TAP Insulation is also renowned for its pest-resistant properties. If you’re thinking of upgrading your existing insulation, TAP Insulation comes highly recommended by the pest control pros at Russell’s Pest Control. Read on to learn why!

Why Choose TAP Insulation?

As it becomes a more popular choice over the years, it’s increasingly apparent that TAP Insulation is the best option on the market. This is because in addition to its pest control properties, TAP simply outperforms traditional insulation options. Some of the many benefits of this insulation are:

  • As an energy-efficient option, TAP can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 30%.
  • TAP is environmentally friendly by using recycled paper diverted from landfills to create the product.
  • This insulation is capable of filling the nooks and crannies that are unreachable with traditional insulation.
  • TAP Insulation is the only insulation registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • More cost-effective than traditional insulation, TAP is a one-time investment with no need for re-treatments.
  • TAP can be installed over existing insulation and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Does TAP Prevent Pests?

Yes! TAP is known for its ability to ward off pest problems. This is because the insulation is infused with borate, which affects the metabolism of insects and eliminates them. There are many pests that can be controlled with TAP Insulation. They include ants, cockroaches, earwigs, centipedes, darkling beetles, crickets, silverfish, millipedes, firebrats, dermestids, sowbugs, lady beetles, booklice, termites (including Formosan termites), boxelder bugs, stink bugs, kudzu bugs, bat bugs, pillbugs, snails, wildlife, and slugs!

TAP Pest Control Insulation in Knoxville

If you’re interested in upgrading your home insulation, TAP is for you! In addition to outperforming other insulation types, TAP will work to create a barrier against pests. Russell’s is proud to be a licensed installer of TAP—contact us today to set up an appointment or to learn more.

Is Summer the Season of Cockroaches?

A cockroach in the summer is a bad sign of an infestation in Knoxville TN. Russell's Pest Control

Here in Knoxville, cockroaches are a very common pest throughout the year. However, both homeowners and business owners deal with cockroach problems more often than ever in the summertime. This is because cockroaches are drawn to the heat and humidity that only summer months can provide. With a rapid rate of reproduction this time of year, roach infestations can grow out of hand. Because this pest is so troublesome, it’s important to know what you can do to keep them away in the summertime. The team at Russell’s Pest Control is here with expert information on cockroach season: summer!

The Dangers of Cockroaches in the Summer

Cockroaches are known to be gross, but they are one of the more dangerous types of pests. Especially in the summer months, cockroach infestations can explode in size. When you have an infestation, roaches can spread germs and filth. Some of the bacteria they carry can lead to a number of transmitted diseases. In addition, certain individuals are known to have allergic reactions due to the presence of roaches. Because they can be a dangerous pest problem in the summer, it’s crucial to know how to keep them away in the first place.

Here’s How to Prevent Cockroach Infestations

A single cockroach can quickly lead to more…and more. To avoid the frustration of a roach infestation this summer, follow these tips to keep them away:

  • Inspect the perimeter of your home and seal cracks and crevices. Seal windows and doors or install screens.
  • Ensure your kitchens and bathrooms are clean. Promptly wipe or clean up spills and crumbs.
  • After feeding your pets, pick up pet bowls and avoid leaving food out overnight
  • Keep all food securely sealed in airtight containers, and refrigerate unsealed food.
  • Seal all garbage cans with a tight-fitting lid, and routinely take it out when needed.
  • Avoid leaving piles of clutter or junk both inside and outside of your property.
  • Because cockroaches love moisture, promptly fix any leaky pipes or clogged rain gutters.

Cockroach Control in the Summertime

If you’ve done all you can to prevent cockroaches this summer and still have an infestation on your hands, it’s important to contact a professional for help. DIY cockroach control can be a never ending process that rarely results in complete control of the cockroach colony. The cockroach exterminators at Russell’s can ensure you are roach-free this summer and all year long.

Your Seasonal Allergies May be Triggered by Pests

Cockroaches may trigger seasonal allergies in Knoxville TN - Russell's Pest Control

Spring is in full force here in Knoxville. For many, that means a desire to spend more time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather and new blooms. However, seasonal allergies this time of year will stop many right in their tracks. But is your runny nose and itchy eyes only triggered by springtime, or is there something else at play? Believe it or not, pest problems can trigger your seasonal allergies. With May being National Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month, it’s important to learn about pest allergens in your home. Allergens created by the presence of pests can be dangerous for your family, making it crucial to learn how to prevent pests in your home in the first place! The experts at Russell’s Pest control have gathered tips and tricks to prevent pests and the allergens they cause in your home this spring and all year long.

The Dangers of Pest Allergens

Pests can cause a whole plethora of problems: structural damage, messes, germs, bacteria, and–yes–allergies. Cockroaches and dust mites are the main culprits of pest allergens in the home. Roach droppings, shed skins, and saliva all contain allergy proteins that, when inhaled, can trigger allergies or asthma symptoms. Children are especially vulnerable. In addition to these pests, stinging insects are of course known to trigger allergic reactions. Stings can cause a wide range of symptoms, but they are typically different from your normal seasonal allergy symptoms. In any case, always consult a medical professional immediately if you are experiencing severe symptoms (swelling, wheezing, dizziness, or difficulty breathing).

8 Steps to Prevent Pests and Allergies

To prevent pest allergens, you need to prevent pests! By implementing some basic pest prevention methods, you can reduce the chance of getting pest-triggered allergies. Our best tips for pest prevention include:

  1. Storing all food in airtight containers, including pet food
  2. Cleaning your kitchen on a daily basis or after mealtimes
  3. Disposing of garbage regularly and using a tight-fitting trash can lid
  4. Sealing cracks and holes in the home
  5. Sealing entry points for pipes, and placing screens over doors and windows
  6. Ensuring your basement and crawl space are well-ventilated and dry
  7. Washing your blankets, rugs, and bedding in hot water
  8. Vacuuming and dusting your property frequently

How to Avoid Pest Allergens This Spring

We all know what a pain seasonal allergies can be. Don’t let a pest problem make them even worse! If you have done all you can to prevent pests in the home and still have trouble keeping them out, the team at Russell’s can help. We are committed to protecting our customers from the dangers of pests all year long, including allergies.