Mosquitoes Are Coming To Knoxville... Are You Ready?

There’s nothing quite like a warm sunny day in Knoxville, Tennessee. With temperatures ranging from 64 to 90 degrees, many Knoxville residents embrace the wonderful summer weather. While some families take vacations away from home in summer, many stay here in Knoxville. Whether you decide to splash in one of our rivers or take a slow drive through town, summer in Knoxville is an experience to remember! As with any warm-weather fun, however, there is the problem of being exposed to the dangers of mosquitoes. These irritating pests are one of the downsides of summer, and if you’re not careful, your summer fun could turn into summer disaster.

Why Mosquitoes Are Dangerous

We all know mosquitoes are an unpleasant part of Knoxville summers. After all, who wants to swat away these blood-sucking nuisances with every other stride through the park? Finding itchy red bite marks across your arms and legs isn’t a fun experience either, though the problems mosquitoes create extend far beyond being an annoyance. While you might believe the worst part about mosquitoes is the fact that they can disturb guests and ruin outdoor activities, mosquitoes can actually be dangerous under the right circumstances. For instance, if a mosquito bites someone who is ill with West Nile virus, yellow fever, or malaria, that mosquito can carry that illness to the next person it bites. As more people become infected, diseases can spread quickly. The spread of these diseases is much less common in America than in other countries, however, there are still cases of these illnesses springing up in communities across the United States.

Professional Mosquito Control Is Essential

If your immediate instinct for mosquito control is to search online for DIY methods of removal, you could be wasting time, effort, and money. Most DIY methods of mosquito control don’t do very much to keep mosquitoes away from your Knoxville property, and DIY mosquito control certainly doesn’t eliminate your problem from the source. However, professional mosquito control services from Russell’s Pest Control can dramatically reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property. Our service technicians work with homeowners to find an effective solution for mosquito problems. Whether you need a one-time treatment or mosquito protection throughout the entire mosquito season, we can help. We will locate areas of high mosquito activity around your Knoxville home and target treatments in those areas, which effectively reduces mosquito activity on your property. Reach out to Russell’s Pest Control today to learn which mosquito services would be best for you!

Mosquitoes Are Coming To Knoxville… Are You Ready? in Knoxville TN

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