Why Call Russell's Pest Control For Summer Stingers In Eastern Tennessee


The summer months are here and with the warm weather comes the threat of stinging insects.  These upcoming months are the most active period for wasps, bees, yellow jackets and hornets.  We all know that the most problematic issue with stinging insects is, well, that they sting!  Not only is this painful, but some people have life-threatening allergic reactions to stings.  Beyond that, stinging insects can do damage to our homes and properties, as well as attract other pests.  Don’t waste time trying dangerous DIY methods to treat for stinging insects.  Turn to the professionals at Russell’s Pest Control to keep your Eastern Tennessee home free from stinging insects.



Why Stinging Insects Are Most Active Right Now

During the cold weather months, most stinging insects go dormant or die.  As the weather warms up, they begin to emerge and prepare for the queens to lay eggs.  Protecting the queen and nourishing the young takes a lot of work and you will see many active wasps and bees. Yellow jackets, hornets, and other stingers will be busy making nests and gathering pollen.  As we get deeper into the summer, these new stinging insects mature and their colonies begin to get full, causing lots of activity.


Dangers of Stinging Insects

The most dangerous thing about stinging insects in Eastern Tennessee is that their stings are painful and can be deadly.  One sting from a wasp or bee, for a non-allergic person, is likely to cause some pain and mild swelling. Multiple stings can trigger an allergic reaction even in a person without allergies, due to the amount of venom injected. In people who are allergic to bee stings, it can be life-threatening.  Anaphylactic shock can occur if treatment isn’t sought immediately.


The Nuisance of Stinging Insects

Stinging insects can be a nuisance around your property as they build their nests and damage your home. Some stinging insects like to make their nests in holes in the ground, which can damage your lawn and create a hazard. Other stingers build their nests under the eaves and overhangs on your house, sheds, and decks.  Carpenter bees burrow holes in untreated wood, which can cause structural damage to your property.


Professional Treatment Versus DIY Methods

When dealing with stinging insects it is always best to consult a professional.  The risk of disturbing a nest and suffering from stings just isn’t worth it.  Wasp and bee sprays are often ineffective and harmful to your family.  At Russell’s Pest Control we can safely remove existing nests and provide you with a plan for year-round protection.  Don’t try to handle stinging insects yourself. Contact us to keep your Eastern Tennessee home free from these pests this summer.

Why Call Russell’s Pest Control For Summer Stingers In Eastern Tennessee in Knoxville TN

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