How To Keep Fire Ants In The Yard From Getting Into The Home

Do you like it when fire ants show up at your backyard cookouts? How about your inside cook-ins? Outside fire ants may get inside if you don’t take measures to control these invasive insects in your yard. Red imported fire ants are like an insect army, marching across your yard. When they get to the walls of your home, they may not stop. And when they get inside, they can cause problems. For some people, fire ants can even be dangerous. Let’s take some time to look at what it takes to keep fire ants in your yard from getting into your Tennessee home.


An important step in ant prevention is to seal possible entry points around the home. While it may be impossible to find every hole and seal your home against these tiny invaders, you may thwart an invasion by applying silicone caulk to the right locations or by installing new door sweeps and weatherstripping. Common entry points for ants are door and window frames, holes created by rodents and other wood-damaging pests, gaps around pipes, accessible vents or weep holes, and water-damaged timbers.

Fire Ant Management

Many ant species can be reduced through the implementation of DIY methods such as moisture control, the protection of food sources, and landscape upkeep. We don’t recommend these for fire ants because they are a yard pest as well as an indoor pest. It isn’t enough to reduce the populations in your yard to reduce the risk of an indoor infestation. The goal with fire ants should be to get populations to zero or near zero. This is extremely difficult to do without an education in the entomology of fire ants and training in modern pest control methods.

The pest professionals at Russell’s Pest Control have earned the licenses and certifications required for the control of fire ants and other potentially dangerous Tennessee pests. There is no guesswork involved. Trusted strategies and products are used for the greatest level of control possible. There is no better way to prevent these little biters from getting into your Knoxville home. Reach out to us today for a free in-home pest evaluation. We’ll let you know what you’re up against and give you real solutions for your pest problems.

How To Keep Fire Ants In The Yard From Getting Into The Home in Knoxville TN

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