Did You Know That Homeowners Insurance Is Unlikely To Cover Termite Damage?

Destructive? Yep. Expensive? You bet. Not covered by your homeowners insurance? Probably also a yes.

Termites cause extensive damage to homes all across the Knoxville area, with species ranging from destructive drywood termites to dirt-loving subterranean termites.

No official numbers are collected by a government body, but the National Pest Management Association estimates that United States home and business owners pay out over five billion dollars a year because of termites. Without an insurance policy or a preventative pest control plan, termite infestations can become dangerous to your health and your wallet.

Termites won’t just effect furniture and firewood, but will weaken the very structure of a home. Some forms of termite damage include:

  • Buckling, hollow walls
  • Weakened support beams
  • Ruined furniture
  • Unsafe attic spaces
  • Drooping floors

Without immediate assistance from a qualified pest control company, your home could be facing a very real threat without the comforting support of an insurance policy.

Why Insurance Doesn’t Cover Termite Damage

Insurance companies don’t usually cover termite damage for a number of reasons that vary from provider to provider. It’s important to remember that insurance policies in general will apply to circumstances that are:

  • Accidental
  • Rapid or sudden
  • Unpreventable
  • Immediately perilous

While a termite infestation may feel like all of these things after an unfortunate discovery, the fact is termite invasions can be prevented with regular maintenance work and inspections completed by a certified pest operative. Reading up about termite behavior is a snap, especially through the informative blog posts found right here at Russell’s.

It might be surprising to learn that homeowners insurance won’t aid policy holders with termite-related property damage, but the result is very clear: Knoxville residents need to be aware of what kind of pests are around their home. To start getting more information about the types of termites and termite activity you should be aware of, reach out to Russell’s Pest Control today.


Russell’s Pest Control is Here for You

Pest control doesn’t need to be difficult to get. That’s why Russell’s Pest Control is proud to offer East Tennessee residents some of the most effective, safe, and results-driven techniques on the market for pest control companies today.

Termite protection is a cinch under one of Russell’s powerful residential care plans. With programs that cover more than thirty outdoor pests with quarterly visits, it’s impossible to miss infestations that may be creeping around your property.

Are you ready to protect your home from termites for the fall season and beyond? Contact our Knoxville office today to get the ball rolling. With or without homeowners insurance policies, Russell’s Pest Control is here to help.

Did You Know That Homeowners Insurance Is Unlikely To Cover Termite Damage? in Knoxville TN

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