Infuriated Yellow Jackets Buzzing Around Knoxville

This fall you may experience swarms of yellow jackets buzzing around Knoxville. As winter approaches, yellow jackets are more aggressive as they are busy trying to get the next generation’s queen ready for overwintering. A yellow jacket Is a type of wasp which means it can sting multiple times. You want to avoid these stinging insects, especially if you are allergic to their stings. Take precautions as a homeowner to keep your property free from yellow jackets. If you are struggling with yellow jackets or have a nest on your property, it is best to call for professional help with removal.

Identifying Yellow Jackets  

Yellow jackets have narrow segmented bodies, thin wings, and distinct black and yellow markings. Typically, they are around an inch long. Yellow jackets typically nest in the ground, often in holes formed by burrowing rodents. This differentiates them from other wasps.

Aggressive Yellow Jackets    

Yellow jackets are aggressive stinging insects. They will sting if they are disturbed in any way. This can include walking over the top of their nest, but even vibrations from a lawnmower nearby or children playing in the yard can agitate them. If a yellow jacket stings, they can leave a scent that alerts other yellow jackets that you are a threat.

Preventing Yellow Jackets  

It’s a good idea to make your Knoxville yard less attractive to yellow jackets. You can do this by reducing the things they like to feed on on your property, including fruits and meats. If you have fruit trees, remove any overripe fruit that has dropped. Clean up immediately after picnics and outdoor social gatherings where food is served. Avoid bright patterned deck and patio furniture. And reduce the number of brightly colored and fragrant flowers near your outdoor entertaining areas.

Professional Help for Yellow Jackets    

It’s safest to contact the professionals at Russell’s Pest Control to remove yellow jackets from your Knoxville-area home. Because of their aggressive nature and in-ground nests, yellow jackets are difficult to get rid of with DIY methods and it can be dangerous to try. With one of Russell’s Power programs, your Knoxville home will be protected from wasps and yellow jackets, year-round. Contact us today for help with infuriated yellow jackets buzzing around your Knoxville home this fall.

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