Minimizing Risk Of A Fall Mouse Invasion In Knoxville

Are you familiar with how rodents get inside Eastern Tennessee homes in the winter? If not, you should familiarize yourself. Fall is an important time of year to think about mouse exclusion because fall is when Knoxville mice start looking for a place to hide from the cold. If a mouse is exploring the foundation of your home and it senses heat coming out, it will be highly motivated to find out where that heat is coming from. To prevent this, it is important to reduce mouse populations around your home and seal any gaps, cracks or holes they might try to get in through.

Why It Is Important to Keep Mice Out

Mice may be small, but they can create big problems. They chew holes in the exteriors of Knoxville homes that can allow other pests to get in. These holes also allow rainwater to get in, which can cause wood rot and mold issues. Mice chew on building materials inside our homes and, if they chew through a live wire, it can lead to a house fire. In attic spaces, a mouse can damage stored items, such as furniture, clothing, paintings, and valuable keepsakes. As they explore Knoxville homes, they spread ticks, fleas, lice and other parasites, which can carry diseases. They leave their urine and feces everywhere they roam, they spread harmful bacteria from trash to sensitive locations, and more.


Mice are pretty simple animals. When they come into the yard, they are looking for water, food, and a place to hide.

  • Water — if you have puddles, containers, or some other source mice can use to get a drink of water, they’ll be happy to do so. Remove containers and conditions that lead to puddles to reduce mouse populations.
  • Food — A primary source of food for mice is seeds. If you have bird seed on the ground near your home, mice will take notice. If you have recently planted new seeds in your garden, these critters are going to come in to dig them up and eat them. They are also known to commonly feed on emerging grass seed. Protect or remove seeds to control mouse populations.
  • Harborage — if you have clutter in your backyard, it is a playground for mice. Remove clutter to make your yard less interesting. Trimming grass and landscaping will also deter mice because it makes it more difficult for them to stay hidden.


When mice get near your home, they start to explore your home for entry points. You can keep them from finding entry points by using a caulking gun, some expanding foam, a foundation repair kit, or some wire mesh to seal gaps, cracks, holes and other openings.

Mouse Monitoring and Removal

Sometimes, the only way to reduce mouse populations is to actively remove them. If you’d like ongoing monitoring and control of mice on your property, the team at Russell’s Pest Control can help. We give coverage for rodents as part of our residential pest control. While you’re protecting your equity from subterranean termites and you’re protecting your family from serious pest-borne diseases, you can get control of rodents as well. Reach out to us today to request a free in-home pest evaluation to get started.

Minimizing Risk Of A Fall Mouse Invasion In Knoxville in Knoxville TN

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