Everything You Need To Know About Homeowners Insurance & Termites

What does your home insurance protect you from? Across the country, insurance policies protect property owners from floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and more. When catastrophes happen, insurance companies step in to relieve the pain of financial burdens. So, how about subterranean termites? Experts estimate that these insects cause more damage to properties in the United States than floods, fires, hurricanes and earthquakes combined. This type of damage is definitely covered, right? Well, obviously, from the heading of this article, it isn’t. Only in rare cases will insurance companies foot the bill for termite damage. This is because most cases of termite damage are considered by insurance companies to be the negligence of property owners, even though most property owners do not possess the education or training to protect their property from these silent and destructive pests. So if you think your Knoxville home is protected, you may want to look at the fine print on your insurance policy.

There is a reason insurance companies don’t want to get into the termite-damage protection business. The damage these insects cause is often extremely difficult (or impossible) to fix. When the structure of a home is weakened by termites (feeding on the inside of wood) it can create cascading issues such as warping and twisting. And since these insects are so secretive about the way they feed, this damage can go on for years and completely total a home without the homeowners realizing it. This would result in many large payouts for those insurance companies.

How can you protect your home if insurance companies won’t insure you? Well, we have good news for you; there is a way to protect your home that is better than insurance. When you invest in year-round termite protection from a licensed and trusted professional, not only do you get a guarantee of termite damage repair, you get ongoing service that works to stop termites from damaging your home in the first place.

Your insurance company can’t do that for you. Can you imagine if they did? It would be nice if a fire broke out in your basement in the middle of the night and a team of firefighters from the insurance company rushed into your home and doused it while you were sleeping. That’s kind of what we do at Russell’s Pest Control—minus the entering your home in the middle of the night part. Any time termites attack your home, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your termite protection will immediately start working to destroy the colony that sent them.

If you live in the Greater Knoxville area, contact us right here on our webpage to schedule a visit with one of our termite control professionals. No Tennessee home should be without termite protection. Get yours in place today.

Everything You Need To Know About Homeowners Insurance & Termites in Knoxville TN

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