When Should You Get A Termite Inspection?

When you’re standing on the side of the highway and your car is in a ditch, it is too late to get car insurance. If the doctor comes out with clipboard in hand and tells you you’re going to need a series of operations to correct some complicated abnormality in your body, it is too late to get medical insurance. You’re probably thinking you see where this article is going, but give it a chance. You will be surprised where we end up.

This case can be made for any unexpected disaster from hurricanes to floods and house fires to burglary. When you’re standing in the wreckage of an unexpected event, it is easy to see what you should have done to protect yourself. But there is a difference between termite protection and a termite inspection. We firmly believe that every home and business should have some form of termite protection; we are, after all, a pest control company. But not everyone needs a termite inspection. Here are the cases when a termite inspection is needed.

Selling A Home

If you’re planning on selling your home, you should make sure to get a termite inspection. Termites have been known to evade detection by certified home inspectors. These silent invaders live inside the wood of a home and often leave few signs of their presence. Make sure you have a pest professional do a certified termite inspection to prevent being left holding the bill. Like in the examples above, if the real estate agent for your buyer hands you a paper that shows that they found termites in your house, it is too late; but if you find the termites first, you can have the problem fixed and put the costs into the asking price of your home.

Buying A Home

If you’re planning on buying a home, the last thing you want to do is inherit someone else’s problem. When the papers are signed and you move in, it is too late. Don’t get stuck holding the bill. Make sure you get a certified termite inspection done on that new home before you finish the deal.

When You Suspect Termites

If you’re noticing that the fence in your backyard, the back deck, the patio, or any other wood item on your property has been chewed by termites, it is time to get a termite inspection. This damage will look like someone took a wood carving tool to these wood items.

If you notice a swarm of insects or shed wings around your home, it is time to get a termite inspection. Outside swarms are a warning of a potential infestation and inside swarmers are a sign that you have unknowingly harbored termites for years. In either case, it is important to get a professional involved.

Don’t wait till you are sitting in the middle of a disaster. Protect yourself with a certified termite inspection by calling us today. Here at Russell’s Pest Control we have the training and expertise to inspect and eliminate your termite issues quickly and discreetly.


When Should You Get A Termite Inspection? in Knoxville TN

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