5 Tips To Avoid Yellow Jackets In Knoxville This Spring

Considering their size, it is amazing how much terror yellow jackets are able to cause. What other pests can drive an individual to cross a street just from the sound of their wings buzzing? For people who are allergic to their stings, the terror they cause is even greater. Luckily, yellow jackets can be avoided and there are things you can do to prevent them from stinging you this summer.

Problems Yellow Jackets Cause and Why They Are Buzzing This Time Of Year

As you may know, yellow jackets are a species of wasp, which means unlike bees, they can sting more than just once. This becomes increasingly more problematic the more yellow jackets you are up against, and the angrier they are. Speaking of anger, yellow jackets are known for having the worst temper out of the list of stinging insects in our area. All it takes for them to become aggressive is just one step too close to their nest. Since their nests are often well hidden under the ground, keeping a fair distance can be difficult.

If you are wondering why yellow jackets are buzzing around this time of year, the answer is simple. They cannot survive in freezing temperatures. This means, as fall turns into winter, as long as the temperatures drop low enough for a week, the majority of male yellow jackets will die leaving only the fertile females to hide in shelter till the weather heats back up.

Tips To Deter Yellow Jackets

The first thing you should know about yellow jackets before we go into tips and tricks is that they are attracted to areas where they can find their two favorite foods: meats and sweets. Keeping this in mind, here are tips for keeping yellow jackets away this summer.

  • If your yard has fruit trees, stay vigilant to pick up any overripened fruit that drops from them.

  • After outdoor gatherings, clean thoroughly and be sure not to leave any scraps of food or drink behind for wasps to scavenge.

  • When feeding your pets outdoors, pick up their food and water bowls immediately after they are done using them.

  • If you don’t mind having a yard vacant of flowers, consider removing any floral growth that may be sprouting up around your home.

  • Keep an eye out for newly formed yellow jacket nests. Early prevention is much easier than dealing with a fully mature nest.

Why Call Russell’s If Yellow Jackets Become A Problem

Sometimes yellow jackets settle down onto properties regardless of what we do to stop them. If this is the case for your property, the professionals here at Russell’s Pest Control would like to offer assistance today. All it takes is a simple phone call and we will have one of our pest experts out your way ASAP to deal with the terrors in your yard.

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