Are Fire Ants Dangerous? | Russell's Pest Control in Knoxville TN

Yes, they are! Fire ants are significantly more dangerous than other nuisance ant species, posing serious health risks to humans and pets. Their venomous stings can cause severe allergic reactions and even anaphylactic shock in some cases. Keep reading for more information about fire ants from the ant extermination experts at Russell’s Pest Control.

The Dangers of Fire Ants 

There are a few reasons why people should be cautious about fire ants, including: 

  • Venomous Stings: Fire ants use their mandibles to latch onto their victims and then sting, injecting venom that causes a burning sensation.
  • Aggressive Behavior: They swarm in large numbers, which can lead to multiple stings on humans or pets, potentially resulting in death for smaller animals.
  • Allergic Reactions: The venom can trigger allergic responses in humans, ranging from mild irritation to severe anaphylactic shock.
  • Damage to Crops and Household Plants: Fire ants can ruin farm crops and decorative plants.
  • Electrical Damage: They are attracted to and can damage electrical equipment, such as air conditioners and circuit breakers.
  • Food Contamination: Fire ants invading homes can contaminate food supplies.

When Are Fire Ants Most Dangerous?

Fire ant activity peaks during the summer months due to:

  • Increased Temperatures: Warm weather makes fire ants more active, increasing encounters with humans and pets.
  • Higher Population: Summer sees the highest population levels, raising the likelihood of coming into contact with these ants.

Do Fire Ants Bite? Does it Hurt?

Fire ants first use their mandibles to bite and secure themselves to their victims before stinging and injecting venom.

The immediate, intense burning sensation from a fire ant sting is unmistakable. The pain can vary from mildly irritating to extremely painful, depending on the number of stings and the individual’s pain tolerance.

Are Fire Ants Aggressive?

Yes, fire ants are known for their aggressive nature, especially when their nest is disturbed. They readily swarm and sting any perceived threat.

Do Red Ants Sting?

Yes, after biting, fire ants will sting and inject venom into their victims, causing the characteristic painful, burning sensation.

Effective Fire Ant Control in TN

If you are finding fire ant mounds on your property or are finding these small ants inside of your home, contact the professionals at Russell’s Pest Control immediately. 

Fire ants are NOT a pest that we suggest trying to eliminate on your own. Our professionals will come to your property, identify the problem areas, and provide an effective treatment to eliminate these dangerous ants from your home and property. To learn more about our fire ant control services, including the option of employing our year-round PestFree365+ home pest control program which includes treatment for fire ants and other household pests, give us a call today!

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Are Fire Ants Dangerous? in Knoxville TN

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