How Russell’s Pest Control Protects Homes In Eastern Tennessee From Termites

Tennesse is home to what might be the most destructive insect pest that walks the earth, namely subterranean termites. These silent wood destroyers are responsible for over $5 billion dollars in prevention and repair costs every year, in the United States alone.

Termite damage can occur in a variety of areas where wood is present. It is important to know what types of wood termites invade. This includes wooden fencing in your yard, and wooden studs in your walls, of which you might not see the damage until the wood starts to crumble. Termites can eat away at your exterior wood siding and window shutters. This might look like wavy mazes of eaten wood and/or holes that go right through the wood.

Other signs of a termite infestation include:

  • Winged termites flying out to develop new colonies.
  • Discarded wings on windowsills.
  • Mud tubes around foundations and basement walls.
  • Termite nests in the soil, wood, or attics.
  • Warped floors, sagging ceilings, and peeling walls that look like they’ve been damaged by water.
  • Hollow sounding support beams.
  • Dull clicking sounds caused by termites banging their heads against tunnel walls in order to communicate with each other. You might hear this if you put your ear close to the wood that you think is infested.

Most termite damage will occur without a sound or a sighting of actual termites. This makes termites hard to detect and, therefore, extremely dangerous to the wood of your home. Tennesse homeowners are at high risk for termite infestations due to our ideal temperatures and weather conditions. The state has been ranked moderate to heavy in the Termite Infestation Probability (TIP) rating.

All homeowners including new homeowners in Tennesse should consider investing in professional termite protection to avoid costly termite damage. Being proactive can save you the headache of cleaning up and repairing the destruction after the fact.

Russell’s Pest Control offers professional termite control using the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. This system effectively protects homes in an environmentally friendly way. It will assure you that your home is continually protected from termites and allows the termite technicians to detect any new termite activity. Bait stations are discreetly installed around the perimeter of your foundation. These lure worker termites to consume the bait and bring it back to their colonies which will eventually eliminate the entire colony.

Give the experts at Russell’s Pest Control in Eastern Tennessee a call for more information about termite control options and get started today protecting your property from these silent wood-destroying pests. You will be glad you did.

How Russell’s Pest Control Protects Homes In Eastern Tennessee From Termites in Knoxville TN

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