Aggressive Stinging Insects

You’ve seen the wasps, hornets, bees and yellow jackets around all summer and they have been somewhat ominous, but now they are becoming much more aggressive. What’s going on to make them that way? Their main focus is a sweet treat, so you’ll want to be aware of those stinging insects when picnicking, barbecuing and having any type of outdoor event.

The yellow jacket queen, in particular, and all of her daughters have laid eggs, cared for their larvae and pupae, and have increased their population to up to 1,000 workers. These workers are now at the stage of their life where they no longer need to care for and feed the young, they can freely seek out what their appetites desire, which tends to be sweets. Sweet nectar, sticky candy, aromatic perfumes, luscious pastries and beverages.

Make sure you look into beverage bottles, cans and cups before taking your next sip so you don’t inadvertently anger an eager stinging insect that is lurking within. Better yet, keep your drinks covered so they won’t be tempted to dive in there in the first place. You should also keep foods tightly covered and trash can lids securely sealed. Keep an eye out for nests as well, because if you accidentally disturb their nest they are apt to be even more aggressive. These tips will help you avoid some stinging insects, but won’t protect you completely.

These stinging insects, including wasps, hornets and yellow jackets can sting multiple times. Their stingers are not barbed and do not remain in your skin after a sting. They will all aggressively defend their nest and colony by attacking the intruder. Some people that are allergic to the venom will have a severe reaction and require immediate medical attention.

The best thing you can do if you experience a stinging insect problem on your property is to call a pest control service right away. You will not want to attempt nest removal on your own, you could potentially get stung and aggravate the colony even more.

The trained professionals at Russell’s Pest Control in Tennessee can help resolve your stinging insect problem. Once the problem has been removed and area treated, you will want peace of mind knowing that they will not return. Russell’s Pest Control offers year-round pest control services that will prevent any future issues.

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