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Just like other pests, wild animals will make their way into or onto your property for food, shelter, and warmth. Once there, they can cause a lot of damage and destruction. For this reason, it’s crucial to know how to keep them away from your property in the first place. This is best accomplished with wildlife exclusion services. Exclusion is the process of reducing or eliminating the things around your property that would attract wild animals. At Russell’s Pest Control, we know that wildlife problems aren’t just a nuisance—they’re dangerous too. For that reason, our licensed technicians are proud to offer wildlife exclusion services to keep wildlife away for good.

What is Wildlife Exclusion?

Wildlife exclusion involves the use of barriers to reduce the risk of animals making their way into your property. In general, the goal of wildlife exclusion is to make your property less attractive to animals like raccoons, opossums, birds, bats, and more. In addition to barriers, some of the areas we focus on during our wildlife exclusion services include:

  • Chimneys. It’s important to cover chimneys with a cap or screen.
  • Vent openings. Similarly to chimneys, placing screens over vent openings can keep animals out
  • Soffits & siding. Covering overhangs can take away an animal’s shelter.
  • Cracks & holes. As with any pest, it’s important to make sure there are no openings into your home for animals to enter
  • Porches & decks. Closing off your deck or porch will keep animals from nesting beneath them.
  • Roof. Sealing any entry points and fixing broken roofing will stop animals from getting in.

Benefits of Wildlife Exclusion

Just like any pest, wild animals may make their way into your property in search of food and shelter. Sometimes they enter homes to escape extreme temperatures outdoors, which is why they can be found in attics, garages, or basements. Wild animals such as raccoons and opossums can cause a lot more damage than small pests. Some will chew through insulation and electrical wires while others leave behind a mess with their droppings and nesting. Because of the dangers and damage wild animals can bring, wildlife exclusion services are a crucial part of protecting your property.

Will My Insurance Cover Damage from Wildlife?

If you have a wildlife problem that results in property damage, your homeowner’s insurance policy will often provide coverage both for the property itself and the items inside. All policies differ, and many exclude damage from certain pests (such as rodents or squirrels). Check with your insurance provider for more details.

Knoxville’s Best Animal Exclusion Experts

In addition to protecting your property with wildlife exclusion, it’s important to do your part in preventing wildlife problems. This includes keeping your garbage cans sealed, limiting the use of birdseed, removing debris piles, and more. To learn more about the benefits of wildlife exclusion or to schedule an inspection, contact the wildlife control pros at Russell’s today!

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Wildlife Exclusion Services in Knoxville TN

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