Dangers of rodents in Tennessee tips from Russell's Pest Control in Knoxville TN

Everyone knows rodent infestations can be gross, but they can be dangerous, too! Rats and mice are destructive in nature—their nesting and chewing regularly cause messes. Even worse, they are known to carry and transmit a number of dangerous diseases. Although bites are rare, they can contaminate and spread bacteria anywhere they go.

There are several dangers of rodents to be wary of in the Knoxville area, making it important to work with the experts at Knoxville to prevent them.

Are Mice Dangerous in Knoxville?

For the most part, rats and mice are not aggressive creatures and will avoid making contact with humans. If they are seen, they likely will scamper out of view and back into hiding. In the rare case, someone gets bitten by a rat, it’s always recommended to seek medical attention. The most common dangers of rodents are their droppings. While rare, rat feces have been known to spread dangerous diseases, some of which are outlined below.

Can a Rat or Mouse Bite Me?

When rodents are in your home, they likely won’t want to be near you. However, rats can bite in defense if they feel threatened. This defensive bite is rare, but can have serious repercussions. Rat saliva in some species carries dangerous diseases such as leptospirosis and Hantavirus. In even more rare circumstances, bite victims may contract rat-bite fever or tetanus infections.

In any case, always seek professional medical attention when you are experiencing symptoms from a rodent bite.

Dangerous Diseases Spread by Rats

Although these are not common, some of the diseases infamously transmitted by rodents include:

  1. Hantavirus: a potentially life-threatening disease transmitted to humans by rodents, especially the white-footed deer mouse
  2. Salmonellosis: a type of food poisoning spread by rodent feces, especially through the consumption of contaminated food
  3. Bubonic Plague: also known as the “Black Death”, the Plague is a highly contagious and often deadly disease infamous for killing one-third of the European population during the Middle Ages.
  4. Rat-Bite Fever (RBF): a potentially fatal infectious disease spread by infected rodents or the consumption of food contaminated by rodents.

What Kind of Damage Do Rodents Cause Indoors?

With their ever-growing teeth and nesting behaviors, rats and mice alike can inflict quite a bit of damage on your property. Their gnawing can be particularly threatening: Because they are able to chew on wires, pipes, gas lines, and more, rodents can cause a fire hazard inside the walls of your Knoxville home. They also will nest with just about any material they can get their paws on inside your home.

How to Prevent the Dangers of Mice Infestations

If you have a rodent infestation, there’s no need to panic. Although rats and mice have been tied to a number of dangerous diseases, the real threat of an infestation is the destruction and mess they cause! For help with rodent problems in your Knoxville area property, it’s best to call the rodent exterminators at Russell’s Pest Control.

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Dangers of Rodents in Tennessee in Knoxville TN

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