Why You Need Termite Protection Right Now

In February, we talked about getting ready for spring termites. Spring is when most subterranean termite colonies send out male and female winged reproductives to mate and establish new nests. We talked about the role moisture plays in attracting swarmers to a home and gave steps you could take to make your home less attractive. Then, in March, we talked about Termite Awareness Week and shared facts that property owners in Tennessee should know about termites, especially after the mild winter we just had. Now let’s talk about what you need to know in May that will help you protect your property.

The warm and humid weather of May makes it the perfect time for termites to be active. These are cold-blooded insects that slow down when it’s cold and speed up when it’s warm. They’re also moisture pests that need a lot of moisture to survive and thrive. May gives them the perfect conditions to grow their populations and establish new colonies quickly. If you didn’t take the steps we suggested in February and March, your home is at an even greater risk of a termite infestation. And the worst part is, you’re not likely to know it.

By nature, subterranean termites are sneaky. Even if we were to explain how to detect the presence of these wood-destroying pests, you may still not be able to see the warning signs. Subterranean termites are able to elude detection from even qualified professionals such as Certified Home Inspectors. And even an experienced termite control professional can miss termites during an inspection. Sometimes a professional has to get into a crawl space and use a flashlight and a mirror to check every cinder block pier under a home. If every detail of an inspection is not performed perfectly, termite shelter tubes, evidence of swarmers, and other subtle signs can be missed.

At Russell’s Pest Control, we employee highly-trained, certified professionals who do a thorough job of inspecting homes for termites, but they don’t have to with the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. Sentricon® with Always Active™ takes all the guesswork out of detecting and eliminating subterranean termites. Like its name implies, this system is always active. When termites come to feed, this system immediately begins the process of using worker termites to eliminate the colony that sent them. When they take the bait, your certified termite control professional will be able to easily tell.

Don’t let subterranean termites destroy your property, get your termite protection in place today.

Why You Need Termite Protection Right Now in Knoxville TN

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