Why Do I Have Fleas In My Home & What Can I Do?

“I have fleas in my home! Why do I have them, and what can I do?”

This is a statement we hear all the time here at Russell’s Pest Control. Fleas have got to be one of the most tenacious and irritating pests around. I mean, you don’t even have to own a pet to get fleas. How infuriating is that? And fleas can put rabbits to shame with the rate with which they are able to reproduce! Fleas seem to come out of nowhere in a hurry, and one seemingly lone flea on your sofa can turn into hundreds in no time at all. So how exactly did you get those fleas in your home and what should you do about it? Let’s take a look.

Pets are certainly the number one way that fleas come into homes, but they are not the only way. Fleas are looking for mammal blood. They don’t really care if it comes from your dog, your cat, your kids, or you. They will take whatever comes easiest. They are also lazy travelers. They will hop on anything that will bring them closer to their mealtime goal. They typically hitch a ride to your property on a passing raccoon, mouse, fox, squirrel, or any other furry wildlife friend. After all, what a deal! Free meal while you travel – it’s an all inclusive travel plan for fleas! Once in your yard, they’ll lurk around just waiting for the chance to pounce onto their next taxi (aka: your pet, your child, or you) and gain access to your home where they have shelter and ample access to blood.

You may be tempted to think that those fleas are nothing more than a nuisance. Not so! Fleas are known carriers and transmitters of disease to humans and pets. Dog tapeworm and rodent tapeworm are not only a danger to your pets, but to you as well. Both these parasites are introduced by fleas. Also, I am certain that you have heard of murine typhus and the plague! Yup, these are transferred by fleas too. Yes, the plague is still around and is still infecting people (even in the U.S.). Even if your fleas are not infected or hosting these, there is no denying that their bites are extremely itchy. Scratching of flea bites can lead to infection such as impetigo or staph. Any way you look at it, those fleas have got to go. But how?

Once fleas have gained access to your home, they are extremely difficult to eradicate because not only do the adults have to be eliminated, but you have to get to all those eggs as well. The good news for us here in Tennessee is that you can partner with Russell’s Pest Control to control fleas in our homes.

With a desire to serve his community by providing quality service at a fair price, Russell Bull began this company in 1971, and we have been living up to that goal ever since. When you partner with us for year-round pest coverage, fleas will not be a problem. Neither will a whole host of other common household pests. That’s because we utilize state-of-the-art technology and treatment options to safely and effectively control pests in your home.

If fleas are driving you crazy this summer, give us a call. Not only will we help you to eliminate those fleas, but we can also help you to identify access points and install exclusion methods to keep pests out. For good!

Why Do I Have Fleas In My Home & What Can I Do? in Knoxville TN

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