What Makes Flea Populations Thrive

Fleas can seem like a mysterious pest, appearing out of nowhere and multiplying like crazy, but the more you learn about these tiny little biters, the more you’ll realize that they’re not really all that mysterious after all. There are really only a couple of things that will allow them to thrive in your home and in your yard.

How they get into your home is pretty simple. They ride in. If you have a pet, it is pretty much a no-brainer. But, if you have a flea infestation and no pets, it can make you scratch your head. It wouldn’t though if you had an ability to see how they actually got in. They probably rode in on you when you came in from the backyard or took a trip in on a mouse, rat, or squirrel. The one thing you can be sure of is that they hitched a ride. So, the first item on our list of what will make fleas thrive in your yard is furry animals. More animals coming into your yard from the woods and more animals going in and out of your home will add up to more problems with fleas.

The second thing that will allow fleas to thrive on your property is the right temperature. Fleas are cold-blooded creatures, and, like most cold-blooded creatures, they must rely upon the outside temperature to thrive and stay alive. If it is too cold, they will freeze and die. If it is too hot, they will overheat and die; but between 70 and 85 degrees, these pests will thrive. If you want to stop those fleas from thriving, there are a few things you can do. Reduce areas of shade in your yard so that there is no place to hide from the midday sun, and fleas will be very unhappy. If you’re finding fleas in your home, take bedding and clothing and put it into the washer on the hottest temperature. This should take care of those fleas in all stages of their life cycle; but, just in case, be sure to also dry those items on the hottest temperature as well.

The third thing fleas need to thrive and survive is moisture. If it gets too dry, fleas will get dehydrated and die. Moisture is also necessary for the development of eggs in your yard. However, if you want a beautiful lawn, it can be problematic to keep things dry out there. The best way to reduce fleas in your yard is with pest control.

Most people don’t think of calling a pest control company when they find fleas, but the truth is, calling a pro can save you tons of frustration. Fleas can be hard–if not impossible–to get rid of.

Don’t let fleas torment you or your pet. Get Russell’s Pest Control and get control of those pests. Life has enough issues without adding flea trouble to the list. Take back your yard and your home from fleas today.

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