Why Call Russell's Pest Control For Mosquitoes Around Knoxville

Once mosquito season hits Knoxville this summer, there will be no escaping. Therefore it is a good idea to start thinking about mosquito control right now.

Mosquitoes can contract and spread diseases like West Nile virus, malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, yellow fever, tularemia, encephalitis, and Zika virus, all of which can become serious if not treated promptly, and some can be lethal.

One thing is for sure, to be safe, humans should not come into contact with mosquitoes. But they are nearly impossible to get rid of completely. Mosquitoes will soon be everywhere, flying around us, biting us, and breeding like crazy.

Hot summers, high humidity, and standing water all contribute to the high mosquito population in Tennessee. We don’t have any control over the weather but there are a few things we can do to limit places mosquitoes breed. The first thing you can do is inspect your property to eliminate sources of standing water by…

  • Emptying water from toys, tools, bird baths and wheelbarrows.
  • Emptying kiddie pools and flipping them over daily.
  • Drilling holes in the bottom of tire swings or other items that collect rainwater.
  • Aerating your soil so that it will effectively absorb water.
  • Keeping your lawn raked.
  • Keeping rain gutters clear of clogs.
  • Directing rainwater so that it will drain properly.

When you are outdoors, you should use effective mosquito repellent as well as wear long sleeve shirts and pants to cover your skin and avoid mosquito bites. But there is a way you can relax and enjoy your back yard. All you have to do is enlist the help of Russell’s Pest Control.

Many DIY methods to eliminate mosquitoes will actually draw more mosquitoes to your yard. Other methods just use up time and hard-earned money and don’t offer any guarantee.

The best solution is to contact Russell’s Pest Control in Knoxville for seasonal mosquito treatments. Our licensed professionals can treat your yard monthly during mosquito season where they land and breed. The result will be a drastic reduction in the mosquito population in your yard so that you can get outdoors and enjoy the summer. If you’re ready to combat mosquitoes, we can help, just give us a call at Russell’s Pest Control.

Why Call Russell’s Pest Control For Mosquitoes Around Knoxville in Knoxville TN

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