Avoid Thanksgiving Bed Bugs

Avoid Thanksgiving Bed Bugs

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you know what that means; this is the time of year when we focus on the things we are thankful for. It is important to take this time to remind ourselves that we are surrounded by good things. Whether it is giving thanks for something small, like the smell of french toast in the morning, or something big, like a new job opportunity, there is something satisfying about taking a moment to take notice of the good things in life. And, there are a lot of things to be thankful for. Sadly, bed bugs aren’t one of them. If you agree, take a moment to familiarize yourself with these bed bug prevention tips.

When Having Guests Over For Thanksgiving

  • Learn what bed bugs look like. Recognizing a bed bug can alert you to an infestation, and prevent an infestation from occurring. Bed bugs may be as small as 1 mm and pale in color or they may be as much as 1.5 mm and rusty-brown in color. If they have had a blood meal, they will be bloated and have a brighter red coloring in their abdomen. This is quite noticeable with tiny pale bed bugs.

  • Once you know what bed bugs look like, do a search for these bugs in locations that your guests will stay. Also, look for secondary evidence of bed bugs: black streaks, tiny black droppings, dried blood stains, shed insect casings, or tiny white eggs. You’ll find these in seams, creases, nooks, and hidden places, especially in areas where a bed or couch is present.

When Travelling For Thanksgiving

  • If you’re going to be staying somewhere along the way, check bedbugregistry.com to see if a report of bed bugs has been filed.

  • Know what bed bugs look like and teach everyone in your family, so you know one when you see one.

  • Always do a quick inspection for bed bugs and signs of bed bugs no matter where you stay.

  • Bed bugs are attracted to clothing after we’ve worn them. Put laundry in a plastic bag while you’re on your vacation, and wash all your laundry on the hottest temperature when you get back.

These tips should help you avoid bed bugs this Thanksgiving. But bed bugs can invade your home any time of the year. If you ever see bed bugs or the signs they leave behind, reach out to Russell’s Pest Control for immediate assistance. Bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of without an education in pest management. You can trust the bed bug control experts at Russell’s to help you resolve your issue quickly, and get you back to being bed bug-free.

A Whole Week In Honor Of Bed Bugs

A Whole Week In Honor Of Bed Bugs

The pest management industry is “celebrating” Bed Bug Awareness week from June 4th through June 10th. The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) designates this event every year to help spread awareness about bed bug infestations and how to protect yourself from this bug – particularly this time of year, as the peak travel season is coming up.

Why Bed Bugs Are a Bigger Concern When You Travel

When you think of bed bugs, you think of tiny, man-eating bugs that attack you when you’re asleep in your bed, right? That’s the perception most people have about bed bugs and the reason why many people unknowingly bring bed bugs into their home after traveling. You have to look at more than just the hotel bed when you’re checking for bed bugs!

Bed bugs can be found in the chair or sofa in your hotel room. They could be on the rug, in the closet, in the extra blanket or pillows stored on the top shelf of the hotel room closet, inside the dresser or end table drawers, and they can even travel from one room to another through the outlets.

So, as you put your suitcase down on the floor and move your clothes into the hotel dresser – you could be inviting bed bugs to travel home with you from the inside of your suitcase or on your clothing.

If you take public transportation to and from your destination, such as the train or a bus, you could unknowingly allow a bed bug or two to hitch a ride into your home. They’ve even been found in retail stores and pretty much any public place – making it necessary to devote a week to spreading bed bug awareness to the general public.

Bed Bug Infestation Troubles

You may think having just one or two bed bugs travel home with you isn’t a problem. They can’t possibly survive and reproduce enough to cause a full infestation right? Wrong! A single, fertile female bed bug can produce as many as five eggs per day… up to 500 eggs during her lifetime. Before you know it, that single bed bug that found its way into your suitcase and then into your bed can result in thousands.

If you notice a bed bug, bed bug skins (they molt and shed their skins), or tiny bed bug excrement on your sheets – you need to call the professional bed bug experts at Russell’s Pest Control. The sooner you treat the infestation, the easier it is to eliminate them completely.

Avoiding Bed Bugs On Spring Vacations

Avoiding Bed Bugs On Spring Vacations

Whether you are heading out to enjoy spring break or just taking advantage of spring to take a much-needed vacation, it is important to set aside a few moments to learn about bed bug prevention. Reading this article is a great first step. Here are 4 easy things you can do to reduce your chances of having bed bugs ruin your vacation or return home with you.

  1. Would you go into a neighborhood in a city without finding out whether or not that neighborhood is safe? It is also unwise to stay somewhere you haven’t checked out first. Bedbugregistry.com is a great resource to find out if bed bugs have been reported at the place you’ll be staying. You can also check other review sites and use the term “bed bug” in your search query.

  2. Would you walk into a forest at night without a flashlight? Of course you wouldn’t. And you shouldn’t go on vacation without a flashlight. Most smartphones have a flashlight app that uses the camera light on the phone as a light source. Use that light source to examine some key areas inside your room to make sure there are no bed bugs or bed bug signs present. Pull the bedding and sheets down to examine the mattress and box spring for black residue, black streaks, black droppings, shed insect skins, brown blood stains, or these tiny six-legged, oval, rust-colored bugs. They are about the size of an apple seed and look a little bit like one too.

  3. Would you operate dangerous equipment without following a few safety protocols? It is a good idea to follow a few safety protocols while on vacation. Never leave clothes on the floor or draped over a chair. Put clothing on a hard surface, or in a plastic bag, when you’re not wearing them. When you bring your luggage out, consider using the luggage stand. Most rooms have one.

  4. Would you rub your nose if you just shook hands with someone who has the flu? Maybe. But it is unwise. When you return home, put all of your clothing into the wash. Use the hottest temperatures to kill bed bugs in every stage of development. This little cleaning could keep a batch of eggs from turning into an infestation.

These tips should help you stay safer on your vacation and help to prevent an infestation from returning home with you but, as you probably already know, bed bugs can be picked up in a lot of places. If you ever do find bed bugs in your home, call a professional. These bugs are extremely hard to eradicate and improper bed bug treatments can cause prolonged infestations, more bites, or lead to devastating consequences, such as the loss of property or a loss of life.

If you’re in our Tennessee service area, let the bed bug control team here at Russell’s Pest Control deal with those blood-eating pests. Immediate help is just a call away.

Quick Guide To Bed Bugs In School

Quick Guide To Bed Bugs In School

By now, you’ve probably heard of bed bugs. Those tiny rust-colored blood eaters are making the news all across the country. These bugs are no longer the boogeyman that hides under the bed in motels. They can be found in many places, including schools. If you have school age children from pre-k to college, you should find some helpful information about bed bugs here.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into Schools?

The bed bug, known scientifically a Cimex lectularius, is not a pest that squeezes its way in through exterior walls. These bugs spread by climbing into the items we wear, and the belongings we carry. So, if a home is dealing with a bed bug infestation, it is possible for that infestation to spread to the schools of any children living in that home–no matter how old. Even college students can pick these bugs up at home and bring them back to their dorm room.

Can Bed Bugs Crawl From One Kid To Another?

Adult bed bugs prefer to be nocturnal. They usually wait until it is dark, and when CO2 levels in a room have risen. But, immature nymphs are more daring than adults. This is probably because they need food to grow and mature. It is not uncommon for young bed bugs to appear in the daylight, or pass from one child to the next.

Can Bed Bug Eggs Pass From One Kid To Another?

While this is possible it is not likely. While bed bug eggs are sticky, they usually stick pretty well to their current location. Bed bugs usually deposit their tiny white eggs in the creases or seams of items to keep them protected. They won’t usually be on the surface.

What Can I Do To Protect My Kids?

There are many practical ways to protect your kids. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Make sure your kids know what bed bugs look like in all stages of development. Eggs are the size of the tip on a pen and white. Immature nymphs start transparent and grow more tan/brown and less transparent as they develop. They have six legs, two antennae, three body parts, and are shaped like an apple seed.

  • Make sure your kids know the signs of bed bugs; Bites on the skin; black streaks; blood staining; shed insect skins; and the tiny pale eggs they leave.

If bed bugs come home with your kids, be sure to call a professional. Bed bugs are an extraordinarily difficult pest to get rid of. If you live in our extensive service area, give us a call. At Russell’s Pest Control, we offer industry-leading pest control for all the pests we deal with here in Eastern Tennessee including bed bug control options.

Where Bed Bugs Are Found

Where Bed Bugs Are Found

Bed bugs are more common than you think. Plus, they transfer from one place to another rather easily on pretty much any type of item. Mostly, they will stay on fabric and cloth items, like your clothing or luggage. They could even hop on and take a ride on your shoes from a hotel or your place of work right to your very own home.

Typically, you will find bed bugs lurking in your sheets, blankets, and pillows. You might find them on your carpeting around beds as well. Don’t forget your sofa, chairs, and throw pillows might make a great hiding place for bed bugs too. They can also be found in electrical outlets, computers, laptops, game systems, and other hard to access areas. They can be in waiting room furniture, on department store shelves, or in books at the library. No home or commercial space is exempt from these relentless pests.

You can even pick them up from buses, trains, planes, schools, hotels, and anywhere else that people frequent. If you notice these bugs in public areas, make sure to notify someone in charge immediately. If you ever notice bed bugs in your hotel room, leave the room immediately with all of your things and request another room. If you think you’ve carried some home or want to take precautions, you could brush off your coat and vacuum out your luggage or briefcase. Make sure to brush the bottom of your shoes and leave them outside if possible. Change your clothes and put them in the washing machine on the hottest setting possible for the fabric right away. It may not eliminate them completely, but it may cut down on how many you bring into your home.

By now you’ve got the picture that bed bugs can be found almost everywhere and can be easily transported to your home. And, even though they are lurking about, they are so small you might not even see them. The only warning signs of them may be their tiny shed skins or their exoskeletons lying about.

They feed on human and animal blood; so be aware that if you have an infestation, they will be feeding on you. Their bite may get red and make you itch, which is a sure telltale sign. Your bed sheets or pajamas may have tiny rust colored stains from when they bite. Then there are also the stains left by their feces on your bedding and mattresses. Oh, and you’ll probably lose some sleep over them, from the itching and worrying that comes when they take over your home. Not to mention it could be embarrassing if you have guests over and they discover your infestation of bed bugs.

But, don’t worry! Russell’s Pest Control can help. Give the bed bug professionals here at Russell’s a call and get peace of mind as they take control of your bed bug problems quickly, discreetly, and effectively.