Where Bed Bugs Are Found

Where Bed Bugs Are Found

Bed bugs are more common than you think. Plus, they transfer from one place to another rather easily on pretty much any type of item. Mostly, they will stay on fabric and cloth items, like your clothing or luggage. They could even hop on and take a ride on your shoes from a hotel or your place of work right to your very own home.

Typically, you will find bed bugs lurking in your sheets, blankets, and pillows. You might find them on your carpeting around beds as well. Don’t forget your sofa, chairs, and throw pillows might make a great hiding place for bed bugs too. They can also be found in electrical outlets, computers, laptops, game systems, and other hard to access areas. They can be in waiting room furniture, on department store shelves, or in books at the library. No home or commercial space is exempt from these relentless pests.

You can even pick them up from buses, trains, planes, schools, hotels, and anywhere else that people frequent. If you notice these bugs in public areas, make sure to notify someone in charge immediately. If you ever notice bed bugs in your hotel room, leave the room immediately with all of your things and request another room. If you think you’ve carried some home or want to take precautions, you could brush off your coat and vacuum out your luggage or briefcase. Make sure to brush the bottom of your shoes and leave them outside if possible. Change your clothes and put them in the washing machine on the hottest setting possible for the fabric right away. It may not eliminate them completely, but it may cut down on how many you bring into your home.

By now you’ve got the picture that bed bugs can be found almost everywhere and can be easily transported to your home. And, even though they are lurking about, they are so small you might not even see them. The only warning signs of them may be their tiny shed skins or their exoskeletons lying about.

They feed on human and animal blood; so be aware that if you have an infestation, they will be feeding on you. Their bite may get red and make you itch, which is a sure telltale sign. Your bed sheets or pajamas may have tiny rust colored stains from when they bite. Then there are also the stains left by their feces on your bedding and mattresses. Oh, and you’ll probably lose some sleep over them, from the itching and worrying that comes when they take over your home. Not to mention it could be embarrassing if you have guests over and they discover your infestation of bed bugs.

But, don’t worry! Russell’s Pest Control can help. Give the bed bug professionals here at Russell’s a call and get peace of mind as they take control of your bed bug problems quickly, discreetly, and effectively.

Bed Bugs… The Year-Round Pest

Bed Bugs... The Year-Round Pest

Many people mistakenly believe that bed bugs are only a concern during certain times of the year, but bed bugs are actually a problem throughout the year. With Tennessee winters offering mostly mild temperatures, bed bugs are not exposed to extreme cold; and since they only need human blood to survive, you can experience bed bug infestations at any time of the year.

Blood Sucking Bed Bugs

Bed bugs survive on human blood. They don’t need a lot of it to survive, either. Adult bed bugs can live as long as a year without a meal! Even immature bed bugs can go for several months in between feedings. Female bed bugs lay one or two eggs every single day, meaning she keeps the species going at the rate of hundreds of bed bug eggs in her lifetime. If you have bed bugs, you can count on them living for a long time; and to get rid of them, you’ll need to enlist the help of pest control professionals.

How Do Bed Bug Infestations Happen?

Bed bugs are tiny. They’re about the size of an apple seed, which means they can hide in the tiniest of crevices, seams, and lining of your bedding materials. It also makes it easy for these pests to get into your home. They may hitch a ride inside on your clothing, if you’ve been exposed to bed bugs on public transportation, in hotels, or at a friend’s house. Bed bugs may get into your luggage. They can come inside from books you’ve borrowed from the library or on secondhand furniture or clothing. Once inside, bed bugs quickly breed and take over your home if they are not properly eliminated. Do it yourself methods will not work to remove a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Myths

If you think bed bugs die off in the colder fall and winter months, think again – especially in Knoxville, Tennessee where the winter weather tends to be very mild. Not to mention, people travel to Knoxville all year round from all over the country and can very easily introduce bed bugs to public areas, where they can then find their way into your home.

Bed bugs do not discriminate and are found in clean homes as well as dirty ones. Many people believe bed bugs will only infest a dirty home or hotel but that’s simply not the case. They do not care about the conditions of their environment. As long as there is human blood there, they are happy.

Also, bed bugs do not necessarily stay in your bedding. You can find them in your couch, chairs, and closets. They wander around like they own the place – which makes it even harder to get rid of them. If you have bed bugs in your Knoxville area home, your best option is to call Russell’s Pest Control for professional bed bug elimination.

Get Educated About Bed Bugs And School

Get Educated About Bed Bugs And School

We are seeing the signs everywhere. Much to the children’s dismay, it’s just about time to head back to school. The teachers and staff are looking at the calendar in disbelief that the summer has flown by too fast, and the kids are begging for a few more days to sleep in. Whether you have a kindergartener getting on that big yellow school bus for the first time or a college age young adult packing up their room to head to the dorms, you have a school supply list and a to-do list that is quite extensive. From pencils to crayons and dorm furniture to cell phone plans there’s a lot to keep track of. Check your list and make sure that bed bugs are on there too. No, you don’t want bed bugs, but you do need to address the issue of bed bugs for all school aged environments.

For your children that are in primary school, grammar school, middle school, junior high school, or high school bed bugs can be a factor. Bed bugs can be anywhere that people frequent; they don’t necessarily need beds to live. They have been discovered in such places as:

  • Libraries

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing Homes

  • Public transportation

  • Schools

  • Restaurants

  • Dormitories

  • Lounge/waiting areas

Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests. If someone has bed bugs at their home there is a potential that these bugs could come to school within that person’s belongings; like their backpack, book bag, or briefcase. As a parent, you can teach your children to be aware of the signs of bed bugs and you can also check with your school district for their bed bug policy. Here’s a notice from the University of Tennessee extension for school staff to help them to recognize bed bugs and to know the proper steps to take in the event of a discovery of bed bugs in their school or classroom.

For college students heading back to dorms or off campus housing, bed bugs are a definite concern. Students and parents should take the following steps to avoid bed bugs:

Be informed about the college or landlord’s bed bug policy before you agree to reside there. Be sure to inspect all of the living space for signs of bed bugs upon arrival, before you bring your belongings inside.

  • Keep your living space clean and tidy to limit the dark places that bed bugs can hide away in.

  • Keep other people’s belongings out of your living space because their stuff could have bed bugs in it.

  • Limit overnight guests because they can also bring bed bugs into your living space.

  • Regularly check your beds, bedding, and furniture for signs of bed bugs.

  • Alert college administration or your landlord ASAP if a suspected bed bug situation is discovered.

Be sure that bed bugs are on your radar this back to school season by educating yourself and your family about them. Avoid bed bugs at your home by avoiding them at school, and if the unthinkable happens and you think bed bugs may have somehow gotten into your home, give the experts here at Russell’s Pest Control a call. We have been keeping Eastern Tennessee protected from pests for almost 50 years and we would be happy to do the same for you.