How Are Carpenter Bees Different?

There are more than 20,000 species of bees in the world. That is a lot of bees! Fortunately, there are only a small handful that can be a problem around your home, and only one that will damage your home. Let’s talk about the differences between pest bees and what you can do to protect your family and your home.

We can all agree that bees are beneficial unless you don’t like honey. And, if you happen to not like honey, you might be interested to know that all honey doesn’t taste the same. Why? Because the honey picks up the taste of whatever those honey bees are feeding from. You may hate honey produced from straight sugar water, but absolutely love honey from a blueberry farm. There is date honey, orange blossom honey, pine tree honey, clover honey, beech wood honey, and the list goes on and on. Can you tell we like honey? Anyway. We digress.

Carpenter Bees vs. Honeybees

Not the biggest problem carpenter bees pose, but definitely worth mentioning–especially after we went on that rabbit trail about honey–is that carpenter bees only produce enough honey for their young. They are stingy like that. So, as bees go, they are much less beneficial than having honey bees around.

Carpenter Bees vs. Africanized Honeybees

Not all honeybees are created equal. If you have Africanized honeybees on your property you could be in for a painful encounter. These bees are aggressive and territorial. Carpenter bees, on the other hand, have no interest in stinging you. In fact, male carpenter bees do not have the ability to sting.

Carpenter Bees vs. Bumblebees

These two bee species have the most in common. They are both yellow and black, and they are both big and fluffy. But, bumblebees aren’t going to damage your home. So, if you see big fat bees buzzing around, look at their hind section to tell the difference. Carpenter bees have a black, shiny abdomen (hind section) that is quite noticeable even from a distance. Bumble bees have a furry abdomen that continues on with yellow and black bands.

What To Do If You Have Carpenter Bees

When carpenter bees choose your home, they will bore holes up into the wood to establish their nests. This damage, over time, can create structural issues. If you’re seeing fat bees with black hind sections flying around, it is time to call a pest control company. Do-it-yourself control for carpenter bees can actually cause these bees to do more damage to your home if done improperly. The specialists here at Russell’s Pest Control know how to remove these bees, seal holes, and prevent future infestations from occurring. Don’t take any chances with your equity. Get these bees out and keep them out.

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