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Bees have many unique quirks and character traits. Beyond their intricate communication style and their profound environmental importance, another interesting fact about bees is that they can only sting once in their life. This leads many people to ask: can wasps only sting once, too?

Despite their apparent similarities, wasps are actually quite different. Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times on many targets throughout their life. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between wasp vs bee stings.

Wasp Stings vs Bee Stings—What’s the Difference?

One wasp sting can be comparable in pain to a bee sting. However, one wasp sting can easily be accompanied by many more. When you are stung by a bee, on the other hand, its barbed stinger latches into your skin, ripping out part of the bee’s digestive tract that it is attached to. This causes the bee to die shortly after it stings you.

Wasps’ stingers remain attached to their bodies after they sting. The stinger looks like a small needle, and the wasp uses it to inject venom into their victim. The venom is designed to paralyze small insects so that they can bring them back to their nest, but also to convince large predators not to mess with them.

What Causes Wasps to Sting?

A wasp will sting someone when they think that their nest is being threatened. The problem with this is that they are easily provoked, and they release a pheromone that alerts nearby wasps to come help deal with the threat. This results in many people experiencing multiple wasp stings at a time. When a swarm of wasps targets you, the effects can be very serious. Multiple wasp sting symptoms include:

  • Welts, hives, and rashes
  • Fever, nausea, and headache
  • Painful bumps
  • Joint swelling
  • In extreme cases, death

Wasp Nest Removal Services in Knoxville TN

Wasp nests are built out of chewed-up wood and look like layered formations of gray paper. If you find that wasps have constructed a nest somewhere around your home, let the experts at your local pest control company know. Our wasp removal specialists at Russell’s Pest Control are trained to remove bee, wasp, and hornet nests using the safest and most humane methods possible. Reach out today for a free estimate on wasp nest removal!

Does a Wasp Die After It Stings You? in Knoxville TN

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