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As summer fades into fall, you might have noticed an uptick in pest activity around your home. Late summer brings with it a new set of challenges when it comes to pest management. From pesky critters seeking refuge to those taking advantage of the abundant resources, late summer is one of the worst times of the year for certain pests. Knowing which pests are common in the late summer and why will allow you to employ effective pest control techniques to keep these bothersome bugs away.

Common Late Summer Pests in Knoxville


Late summer is an ideal time for mosquitoes. Warm temperatures and increased humidity around Knoxville create the perfect breeding grounds for these bloodsucking pests. With the increased humidity, mosquitoes are able to find an abundance of standing water, expanding their breeding grounds and growing their population. Late summer weather also increases the food availability for mosquito larvae, allowing them to multiply rapidly.


Ants become more active in late summer as they seek food sources to sustain their colonies through the winter. The warm weather allows them to venture farther in search of food, often leading them into our homes. Keeping surfaces clean and storing food in airtight containers can help deter these unwanted house guests.


Late summer is prime time for spiders in Knoxville. As they mature towards the end of summer, many spider species are on the hunt for mates and searching for prime places to weave their webs, taking advantage of the increase in bug activity. During late summer, you can often find spiders indoors as they seek shelter from cooling temperatures and hunt insects that have set up residence in your home. 


Ticks are a common problem for many outdoor enthusiasts and their pets. These parasitic pests breed during the spring and early summer, leading to a massive population increase during the late summer months. You can often find ticks in areas with tall grass or brush, waiting to hop on people or pets that pass by.

Prevent Summer Pests With Russell’s Pest Control

Late summer in Knoxville may usher in unwelcome pests, but with the right knowledge and preventive measures, you can regain control of your living space. By understanding the reasons behind their increased activity and enlisting the help of a professional pest control company, you can ensure a pest-free* home.

Don’t let late summer pests take over your home and peace of mind. The experts at Russell’s Pest Control are here to address pest concerns every season of the year. We provide proactive solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring quick and effective pest elimination. Contact us today to safeguard your home from these late-summer invaders. 

Late Summer Pests in Knoxville Tennessee in Knoxville TN

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