Flea Infestations On The Rise In Knoxville

Our phones have been ringing off the hook with flea complaints. It seems that these parasitic little pests just keep coming back around in Knoxville, and homeowners, renters, and business owners alike want them gone and gone for good. Flea infestations are very common because they have two incredibly helpful traits for getting around, their small size and incredible jumping ability. No pest can hitch a ride quite as easily as the flea, and with plenty of warm-blooded animals on the move, they can’t help but end up all over the place. And once they reach your home, it’s time to eat, lay eggs, and settle in.

Fleas get into homes almost exclusively by being carried. For the pet owner, this is no surprise. If Fido spends his days sniffing around the backyard, he could quite easily return carrying some quiet stowaways. But how do these fleas end up in our backyards? And what about homes without pets? Well, wildlife is the main culprit. Deer, raccoons, and rodents can all carry fleas, and having these animals in the area greatly increases the chances of them getting into your home. Neighbor pets may also introduce fleas onto your property, and even a quick visit from someone carrying fleas could be enough to start an infestation.

This all sounds very scary, especially when we hear of fleas carrying disease or tapeworms. Luckily this is fairly rare, and there are some things you can do to minimize the risk and fight against flea infestation. Your first step should be getting pets treated for fleas. This is huge, as pets are a much easier host for fleas to take advantage of than humans. Next, vacuum regularly, even often. It is a fact that milder flea infestations can be completely defeated with vacuuming alone. Finally, flush any flea you see. Most often you will feel an itchy sensation on your arm or upper ankle; quickly grab the offending bug between your thumb and forefinger and take it straight to the bathroom. The fewer opportunities adult fleas have to feed and escape to lay eggs, the more quickly their population will thin out.

Another option and best one for defeating fleas is to call in the pest control professionals. While milder infestations can be dealt with yourself, as mentioned, it doesn’t take long for a flea infestation to reach levels that are more than you can handle with good housekeeping and diligence. Over-the-counter methods might be considered here, but they have their own health risks for people and pets, and it’s especially frustrating to enter a cycle of DIY pest control and find that it just isn’t getting the job done, even after weeks of effort. At Russel’s Pest Control we have been fighting the good fight against fleas and other pests right alongside home and business owners in the Knoxville area, and we know just what it takes to clear out a flea infestation of any size. A visit from us can identify risks and treat your problems, and even better, our year-round pest control plans cover at least 30 different common household pests, including fleas! Russell’s Pest Control can even put pest prevention methods in place to minimize the risk of future infestations. In fact, we’re so confident in our work that we offer a pest-free* guarantee; if the pests return, then so do we, at no cost! Don’t let the menace of fleas keep you and your pets indoors. Call Russell’s Pest Control and let us defend your home for you, so you can enjoy it instead.

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