Best Bed Bug Prevention Tips Of 2017

Bed bugs are constantly in the news lately due to the growing population of bed bugs in both homes and public areas. Plus, everywhere you look there is someone saying they know the best way to prevent an infestation. Are you someone that has fallen for some of these time consuming and costly tips? Or maybe you’ve tried some of the over the counter products that say they can prevent bed bugs, but in the end, they fall short of their promised assistance in your fight against an infestation?

Well, bed bugs may not be so easy to deal with, but here are some tips that may actually help you avoid bed bugs this year. Avoid used furniture or mattresses, which could be hiding bed bugs inside, and without the proper treatment could cause an infestation. If you buy used clothing items, be sure to wash them in hot water right away to kill any bed bugs in them. When traveling, be sure to inspect your hotel room when you get there for bed bugs, carcasses, shed skins, and tiny maroon dots on bedding. Do not place your purse, briefcase or other items on the floor of public places, as this could be a place bed bugs will transfer from someone else’s things to yours. When you return home from a trip wash all of your clothing in hot water, and clean/vacuum out your suitcases and other luggage you brought with you.

Even if you follow these tips or any other DIY’s that you have seen or heard about in the news or on the internet, bed bugs can still sneak into your home, and once they’re in, you’re not going to want to fight them alone. Your best bet is to call on the professionals at Russell’s Pest Control in Knoxville and Eastern Tennessee. We have been getting rid of bed bugs for many years and have the expertise and technology to get rid of them completely. When you call Russell’s:

  • Our professionals will do a bed bug inspection to confirm their presence, as well as to pinpoint the areas where they are congregating.

  • They will review their findings and discuss a bed bug treatment plan with you.

  • On the day of treatment, our experts will use professional heat remediation equipment to eliminate all of the bed bugs.

Heat treatment is very efficient, effective, and non-toxic. It eliminates bed bugs of all stages of development, reaches hidden bed bugs, can be done in a day, and leaves behind no residue. These are some of the many reasons that we use this type of treatment to assure you of complete eradication, which will give you peace of mind that your home is free of bed bugs once we are finished. Give us a call today to find out more about bed bug treatment and control in Knoxville and Eastern Tennessee.

Best Bed Bug Prevention Tips Of 2017 in Knoxville TN

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