Most Likely Places Camel Crickets Will Be Found

Likely you’ve never even heard of a camel cricket, but if you see one chances are you will never forget it! Camel crickets have a spider-like appearance and a humped back with large back legs. They do not have wings nor do they fly, but they sure look like they are flying when they leap at you and go soaring through the air. These brown little creatures are surely a pest you don’t want to share your space with. Camel crickets like to chew, and they can destroy your upholstery, fabrics, and clothing.  

Outside in nature, you will find them hiding out in rotting leaf piles, under decks, near drain spouts, and more. They will find sources of moisture to inhabit such as by leaky outdoor faucets or in clogged gutters. When it gets too hot or dry out, camel crickets will find their way into your home. They will often take up residence in dark damp basements, crawl spaces, and sometimes improperly sealed attics. They will settle anywhere they can find a cool, moist area.

The easiest way to avoid getting a camel cricket infestation is to remove sources of moisture. Rake up any leaf piles and remove rotting leaves from around your home. Make sure all outdoor faucets are not leaking and that gutters and drain spots are clear and functioning properly. Seal up cracks in foundations and windows that might allow water to enter. Run a dehumidifier in basements and attics to keep those areas dry.

If you already have a camel cricket infestation, you may want to take a more dedicated and intensive approach. The professionals at Russell’s Pest Control are fully equipped to seek out the dark corners and creepy spaces that camel crickets will hide in. These nocturnal creatures are difficult for a homeowner to find. Russell’s Pest Control can come out and do a one-time treatment, or they can work with you to come up with a pest control plan that will not only eliminate the camel cricket problem but will help you avoid one again in the future.

Most Likely Places Camel Crickets Will Be Found in Knoxville TN

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