Fall Has Arrived

Fall has arrived. The temperatures outside may be attempting to fool you, but the calendar doesn’t lie. It is fall. This means (I hate to say it) that winter is just around the corner. While our love for the warm, sunny weather may cause us to embrace the idea that it is not and those above mentioned warm temperatures are encouraging our misconception, pests like mice are not fooled for even a minute. They know full well that winter is knocking on the door, and they have rallied their troops and put forth the ‘all hands on deck’ order. Mice realize that the wind and colder weather will soon be settling in, and they do not want to be caught in it. The top worry to occupy their little minds is finding shelter for the winter – and your home is the all-inclusive resort they are seeking.

As tempting as it is for you to adopt the ‘I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it’ attitude, it is not the wisest choice for you to make. Remember that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” It is never a good idea to wait for the diseases and destruction that mice cause and react to them. When we react, we often over react, panic, and make hasty decisions – and it often comes with a much higher price tag not only where our health is concerned, but in repair and restoration costs. It is far better to think ahead and prevent an invasion and leave the germs and damage for someone else who is not prepared.

There are things that you can tackle right now that will help you to avoid hosting mice for the winter, including:

  • Inspect your home. Look for cracks and holes the size of a dime in foundations because that is all it takes for a mouse to squeeze in. Use caulk to fill these spaces. Also, check all exterior doors to be sure the door sweeps are correctly installed and in good working order. While you are at it, be sure to inspect screens on windows and screen doors. Make sure you check utility entrances and rooflines as well.

  • Clean, clean, clean. Do not give mice the food sources they are looking for. It doesn’t take much to sustain a mouse. Be sure to periodically clean under stoves and refrigerators. Also, check between these large appliances and the counters next to them and vacuum the crumbs that accumulate there. Carpeted areas need to be frequently vacuumed and so do couches and chairs. When you spill or drop food items, be sure that you clean them up right away, and do not allow dirty dishes to sit on counters, especially overnight. If you must put off this dreaded chore, leave those items soaking in soapy water in your sink.

  • Tidy the exterior. A mouse issue always begins with your yard. When you allow areas that will attract mice to your yard, you are also inviting them to search for a way into your home. Make sure garden areas are free from falling and decaying vegetables and fruit, keep mulch piles away from your home, and be sure to keep trash in canisters with locking lids. Also, be sure that all wood, leaves, and other debris are picked up on a regular basis. If mice find hiding spots, they will take full advantage of them.

  • Set up professional pest control services. Year-round pest control protection is the best and surest way to keep mice from using your home for theirs. When you partner with the trusted professionals here at Russell’s Pest Control, you can know that any existing mice will be removed, their nesting areas will be cleaned, and their access points will be addressed.

  • Don’t let time run out on you and neglect the important task of preventing pests like mice this fall. Let the team that has been fighting pest battles here in Tennessee since 1971 take care of that for you. Russell’s Pest Control, we are only a call or a click away!

Fall Has Arrived, So Will The Mice in Knoxville TN

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