It's Just A Little Cockroach

There are some pests that will invade your home that may cause a bit of a stir, but it would by no means be an emergency. Ants, for example, may infest your home; and while you would want to have them dealt with as soon as possible, a few days probably aren’t going to matter much. You may see carpet beetles just before leaving on vacation, but you won’t have to wonder if it’s ok to wait a week before having them removed because you already know that they won’t do much in a week. Yes, there are some pests that you will want to take care of, but they really don’t pose a risk to you or your family or your home. Cockroaches are not that type of pest.

Cockroaches are simply filthy. They love to inhabit nasty places that are full of bacteria and other pathogens like sewers, trash receptacles and drain pipes. They wallow around these disgusting places picking up whatever germs just happen to rub against them and carry those germs wherever they roam. So when cockroaches come crawling across your kitchen floor, up your counters, through your silverware drawer, and into your food storage areas, they are not just picking up a snack for themselves and harmlessly moving on. No! They are leaving pathogens wherever they travel. These germs are quite capable of making you and your family sick. Very sick!

Have you ever heard of salmonella, or staphylococcus, or how about streptococcus or even polio? I’m sure you have, but what you may not know is that cockroaches are capable of carrying and spreading these illnesses. So that bout of strep that was passing through your son’s school just may have started with a cockroach. And that staph infection that Aunt Mable picked up after her surgery at the local hospital just may have been spread by a cockroach. Not a very pleasant thought is it?

Cockroaches are defiantly a pest that poses a risk to you and your loved ones, and it is one of those pests that require immediate attention. There is no waiting when these bad boys come calling. Fortunately, for those of us here in Tennessee, the pest control specialists here at Russell’s Pest Control have the training, experience, and products to safely and effectively eliminate cockroaches from any home or business. For over 40 years, home and business owners here in Tennessee have trusted Russell’s to protect them from these and other harmful invasive pests, and you can too. We can come eliminate a one-time problem, or set you up with one of our pest control plans for year-round protection for peace of mind, knowing that your friends and family are protected.

Don’t let cockroaches bring illness to your home or business when the specialists here at Russell’s Pest Control are just a call or a click away.

It’s Just A Little Cockroach in Knoxville TN

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