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How Do You Prevent Termites When Building a New Home in Knoxville?

One of the most effective ways to prevent termites is to take early steps when building a new property. By treating the soil and materials used to build a property, you can create a safeguard against termites early on.

To prevent termites in new buildings in Knoxville, builders can partner with a professional pest control company to apply treatment before, during, and after the property is built. This provides ongoing protection from termites.

How do you prevent termites when building a new home in Knoxville TN - Russell's Pest Control

Termite Prevention Methods for Building a Home

Subterranean termites, which are the most common termites here in Tennessee, need contact with the soil to reproduce and grow. Treating the soil in a new building can help eliminate their opportunity to successfully spread. Some of the ways termites can be prevented in a new building during the construction phase include:

  1. Treat the soil to form a chemical barrier.
  2. Use pressure-treated or termite-resistant wood, such as resinous woods.
  3. Build the home in such a way to create proper drainage, best achieved by sloping the soil away from the foundation.
  4. When building crawlspaces, be wary of keeping wood above ground to avoid contact with soil.
  5. Use a galvanized steel or concrete barrier into the build which can help block entry points.
  6. Limit or eliminate wood-to-soil contact throughout the entire foundation by using a concrete base as a barrier.
  7. Build the home in a way to ensure it will receive proper ventilation to prevent excess moisture and humidity.

New Home Termite Prevention in Knoxville TN

Whether or not your home is built with the aforementioned precautions, it is important to implement ongoing prevention services with a professional pest control company. This includes eliminating excess moisture, fixing leaky water pipes, removing dead or rotten sources of wood, keeping firewood away from the home, and being cautious of any wood contact with the ground. The best defense against termites in your new home is working with a termite exterminator you can trust, such as Russell’s Pest Control.

How Do You Prevent Termites When Building a New Home in Knoxville? in Knoxville TN

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