Russell's Pest Control provides termite treatment and extermination service in Knoxville, TN.

Without a doubt, termites are the most destructive pest problem. Throughout the nation, termites infest more than 5 million homes each year and cause nearly 5 billion dollars in damages! Termites can infest a home for years before being discovered, leaving behind a lot of damage in their wake.

To protect your Knoxville property from termites, it’s crucial to work with an exterminator for termites such as Russell’s Pest Control. We provide regular inspections and highly effective termite treatments that will keep you termite-free—guaranteed!

Do I Need to Call a Termite Exterminator?

When it comes to termite extermination, you always need to work with the best termite exterminator. Getting rid of them requires intense treatments that are implemented by a professional. Many people worry about the dangers of termites, but they are only dangerous in the destruction they cause. Termites do not carry or transmit viruses as other pests do. However, there have been reports of people suffering from asthma attacks inside infested structures due to the irritating particles and dust created by their wood-boring destruction.

Our Termite Extermination Process

To protect your property from termites, it’s important to work with a termite exterminator that can protect you from infestations year-round. Our termite extermination process includes the following steps:

  1. A thorough property inspection of your home or business
  2. Identification of the termite species and the conditions that may be attracting them
  3. Development of a termite extermination plan to tackle your unique infestation
  4. Proper sealing of entry points or exclusion efforts to control sources of the infestation
  5. Implementation of termite treatment options and monitoring stations
  6. If necessary, further visits from our best termite exterminators to surpass your expectations to keep your property termite-free

Knoxville’s Best Termite Exterminator

Termite Control in Knoxville TN - Russell's Pest ControlBottom line: Termite control always requires the help of an experienced termite exterminator. Because termites are such a difficult pest to get rid of, DIY or all-natural methods simply do not work to exterminate them. If you’ve noticed the signs of termites in your property or need a termite inspection for your home or business, call our termite exterminators today!

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