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If you’re a property owner, it’s extremely important to protect your property from termites. Without annual termite inspections, your home or business could be undergoing a termite infestation without you even knowing!  Because termites spread silently, regular inspections from a termite exterminator can stop the infestation from growing or prevent them in the first place.

The termite extermination team at Russell’s Pest Control conducts thorough inspections that can accurately diagnose any termite issues in your Knoxville home or business.

Are Annual Termite Inspections Necessary?

The best protection against termites is annual pest and termite inspections from a professional pest control company. Whether you live in a brand-new building or one that’s been standing for a century, all properties are vulnerable to termite infestations! To ensure your property stays in good shape, it’s recommended to get annual termite inspections to properly prevent termites. Termites are infamous for going unnoticed for a long time, which is typically when the most damage is caused.

Our Pest and Termite Inspection Process

During a pest and termite inspection, it’s important to look for more than just active termites. At Russell’s Pest Control, our termite exterminators will also look for evidence of past infestations or vulnerabilities that lead to new ones. Our inspection process includes the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly examining the inside and outside of your building for evidence of termites, including the bugs themselves, exit holes, conducive conditions, wings, and damage.
  2. Checking for hollow wood, cracks, and bubbled paint, all of which are indicators of a wood destroying insect infestation.
  3. If termites are found, working with you to come up with a custom treatment plan based on the type and severity of the infestation.
  4. If no evidence of termites are found, helping you learn the ways you can help prevent termites from infesting your home.

Thorough Termite Inspections in KnoxvilleTermite Control in Knoxville TN - Russell's Pest Control

Throughout the nation, termites cause an estimated 5 billion in property damage. Because termites are infamous for being silent destroyers, it’s essential to get annual inspections from a termite professional who can accurately pinpoint any minor problems that could lead to an infestation. For more information on our pest inspections in Knoxville, give us a call today!

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Termite Inspections in Knoxville TN

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