When to call a spider exterminator like Russell's Pest Control in Knoxville TN

On appearance alone, it’s easy to understand why spiders are so feared. Although most types of spiders are completely harmless, no one wants to deal with a spider infestation in their home or business. How do you know when it’s time to call a spider exterminator? If you see excess webs inside your property or notice a potentially dangerous spider, it’s time to call Russell’s Pest Control.

Our spider exterminators will implement a thorough spider pest control process to ensure you and your family are safe from these arachnids year-round.

Spider Infestation Inspection

When you’re dealing with spider problems inside your Knoxville home or business, it’s important to understand why the problem started in the first place! In our spider pest control inspections, we will look for some of the following things:

  • Spider webs: Not all webs look like a classic web. Some are funnel shaped, looking almost like a wasps’ nest made of spider silk.
  • Damp areas: Spiders are often drawn to damp locations like basements and sheds, because damp areas are breeding grounds for the insects they eat.
  • Burrows or crevices in your home: Some spiders burrow into the ground around your home, or use crevices in the foundation or siding of your home as a temporary nest.
  • The presence of ants, flies, and lice: These insects are a spider’s main food source, so you can bet that where you have these insects, you’ll have spiders.

Our Spider Pest Control Process

Keeping spiders out of your property requires the assistance of a spider exterminator. Our pest control for spiders includes the following steps:

  1. A thorough property inspection of your home or business
  2. Identification of the spider species and the conditions that may be attracting them
  3. Development of a spider extermination plan to tackle your unique infestation
  4. Proper sealing of entry points or exclusion efforts to control sources of the infestation
  5. Implementation of spider control products, baits, or traps
  6. If necessary, further visits from our spider exterminators to surpass your expectations to keep your property pest-free

Knoxville’s Best Pest Control for Spiders

If you are considering getting pest control for spiders, it’s time to call the exterminators at Russell’s Pest Control. We will walk you through our spider pest control process. Not only will we look for conditions that invite spiders and tackle current infestations, we will also work to stop their life cycle to prevent future invaders. For more information, call us today!

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When to Call a Spider Exterminator in Knoxville TN

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