large cicada killer wasp in knoxville

How To Identify Cicada Killer

Cicada killers are a large type wasp that burrow under ground. The adults grow to be about 2 inches in length and the males are smaller than the females. They are black and red in color and have yellow bands around their abdomen. The heads of cicada killers are reddish brown and they have transparent wings.

Why Do I Have A Cicada Killer Problem?

Cicada killer wasps do not live in colonies and are considered to be A solitary species, the females build burrows under ground in lawns, around play structures, in sandy areas, and along the edges of concrete slabs. They dig about 12 inches into the ground and create individual cells to lay eggs in.

Besides your property providing them with an area to burrow, cicada killers may be drawn to your property if it also provides them with a food source. Adult cicada killers feed on flower nectar or the fermented sap from trees and other large plants.

Are Cicada Killers Dangerous?

Despite their name cicada killers are not particularly dangerous. They get their name because females will sting and paralyze cicada bugs and other insects to place inside of the cells where the she lays her eggs. When the larvae hatch they will use the cicada or other insect as a food source.

Cicada killer wasps look scary because of their large size, but the males do not have a stinger and are only really aggressive towards each other. The females do have a stinger but are very docile and will rarely sting a person.

How Do I Control Cicada Killers?

Controlling cicada killers isn't always necessary. If you are experiencing a problem with these insects, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Cicada Killer Prevention Tips

Preventing cicada killers from choosing your property is a very difficult task. You can help to prevent cicada killers from being drawn to your property by reducing areas of flowering vegetation, seeding bare areas in your lawn and by making sure to seal any cracks in the foundation and exterior walls of your house to prohibit them from making their way inside.

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