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Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?

Mosquito traps are only getting better at controlling nuisance mosquito infestations. Advancements in technology have allowed for traps that can target females to stop them from laying eggs in your yard.

There are many kinds of mosquito traps to choose from, but they all have varying degrees of effectiveness based on your particular outbreak and environment.

Do mosquito traps work? | Knoxville TN | Russell's Pest Control

How Mosquito Traps Control Active Mosquitoes

Here are some of the basics to know about the different kinds of mosquito traps:

  1. Most traps try to target egg-laying female mosquitoes. 
  2. Some traps mimic the scents that females use as signals of nearby hosts.
  3. Carbon dioxide, heat, fragrances, and light all indicate the presence of potential hosts to mosquitoes.
  4. Some mosquito traps use fans to suck mosquitoes in, some electrocute them, and some use sticky surfaces to capture them.

Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Traps

One of the main things that help mosquitoes find hosts to feed on is human breath, and more specifically, the carbon dioxide that is released when we exhale. Carbon dioxide mosquito traps mimic the presence of animal breath through their emission of carbon dioxide gas. The mosquitoes follow the scent and get stuck in the trap. They could be drawn in by a fan, trapped on a sticky panel, or electrocuted. The goal of CO2 traps is to remove female mosquitoes from the infestation to stop them from breeding.

Do Mosquito Traps Work in Knoxville?

When you need to pick the right mosquito trap for your yard, you should get the opinion of your local mosquito control expert. A local expert will be able to figure out the best option for your yard. Contact Russell’s Pest Control to find out more!

Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?​ in Knoxville TN

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