Why DIY Cockroach Prevention Methods Can Fail

Cockroaches are not just a nuisance pest. They pose serious health concerns for people and pets that reside in the home they choose to invade. They readily spread germs to food and to surfaces, germs that they carry on their bodies. They not only contaminate food and cause illnesses, but they can also bite. This makes cockroaches a triple threat in your home that you will want to get rid of quickly.

If you have seen cockroaches in your home, you may have been tempted to use DIY methods to treat them yourself. What you might not know is that cockroaches are downright difficult to get rid of. One of the reasons for this is that they are very hardy. They can live without their head for about a week, and go without eating for months. They do not need their mother after her eggs have been laid, the eggs remain hidden away until they have hatched, increasing the cockroach population in no time at all. Lastly, if you have ever seen cockroaches scurrying around, you may know that they can run pretty fast and even upside down on ceilings and under items, making them extremely evasive.

Here are some of the problems with DIY cockroach control:

  • Bombs and foggers don’t penetrate the deep cracks and crevices of a home.
  • Chemicals can be messy and dangerous.
  • They may be short-lived solutions for a long-term problem.
  • Different types of cockroaches require different treatments.
  • Last but not least, these methods can end up being costly, time-consuming, and ineffective.

This is why your best option for guaranteed safety in regards to cockroaches is through a professional pest control plan. Why risk the failure of DIY methods when you can have a cockroach-free home through Russell’s Pest Control in Eastern Tennessee. We know how important the health of your family and pets are to you, and that your #1 priority is to protect them.

At Russell’s Pest Control, we use the most effective and safest treatments possible and offer a variety of residential service bundles that are sure to suit your needs and your budget. Our Power programs include Power, Power Gold, Power Plus, and Power Platinum. All of these include the 30 most common pests, including cockroaches. Our experienced service technicians are ready to help. Give us a call to learn more about our residential pest control options and discover which plan works best for your family, home and budget.

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