How Mice Get Into Knoxville Attics In Winter

How Mice Get Into Knoxville Attics in Winter

Winter is upon us and mice are out looking for a way to get into homes, but why? The simple truth is, mice prefer warmth over the chilly weather of winter and this fact drives them to seek out the best shelter they can find. Frankly, your home beats any other form of shelter they will be able to find in the wild. It has plenty of warmth, is always stocked with food and offers a variety of places to hide, whether in the walls or elsewhere. It’s no wonder why mice want in.

Mice Are Built To Invade

Mice are built to invade homes. They are small, agile, and are among some of the more clever pests out there. Just to put it into perspective, a fully grown house mouse can squeeze its body through a hole the size of a nickel. If you can find a nickel nearby take a look at it. Now consider the foundation of your home. Does it have any nickel-sized holes? On top of that, mice are also fairly good climbers meaning, more often than not, they can scale the walls of your home and invade at any level. This includes your attic. Now think back to the nickel fact again and this time consider your entire home for potential entry points. Even if your house is a fortress, there is always a chance a mouse can find a hole big enough to squeeze through.

Why Mice Are The Last Thing You Want In Your Home

Did you know that a mouse’s incisors never stop growing? And to combat this they chew on practically everything? This becomes a major problem when mice are surrounded by insulation and wires as they crawl through your walls. On top of chewing on everything, mice are also not the cleanest of animals. They often forage in areas of waste just as easily as they traipse through our food when they invade. This raises more than a few sanitation concerns. Finally, mice are known carriers of various diseases, ones that can be transmitted through their feces and urine, which they leave wherever they go. All around, mice are not a pest you want in your home.

Call Russell’s For All Your Mice Needs

When it’s all said and done, one thing will always be true, mice are a pain to deal with. They commonly elude traps, wreak havoc when the lights go out, and are an all-around threat to your health and well-being. So, if your home has mice, we want to help. By calling on Russell’s Pest Control, you are gaining over 40 years of pest control experience. Our pest control technicians are known for getting things done right. Any day, any time, we would be happy to do right by you and your home. So give us a call today!

How Mice Get Into Knoxville Attics In Winter in Knoxville TN

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