We Know Fleas Are Annoying But Are They Dangerous?

As any pet owner can tell you, the flea is the bane of our favorite furry friend’s life. But, a lot of people have no real idea that a home without pets can also become infested with these easy to get, hard to get rid of pests. These little beasts can be deposited near our homes by stray animals as well as by wild animals that rest a bit too close. They can also be introduced by rodents who might have snuck in while the homeowner wasn’t looking. However they came to be, a flea problem is so much more than a biting annoyance hopping from the carpet to an unsuspecting leg in the living room.

The flea bite can leave a red, welted, itchy reminder that can last for days on both a human host and a beloved pet. Continual scratching can, of course, lead to an open wound and infection if it is not cared for. It is also not uncommon for people and pets to have allergic reactions to flea bites making the matter so much worse. The flea carries around the larvae of the tapeworm. If the flea is accidentally ingested either by the pet or by a person, they stand the chance of developing a tapeworm. And still worse news, the flea is also a carrier of several diseases that their bite can be attributed to. Cat scratch fever and even the plague have been proven to have been caused by flea bites.

It is important to do your part to make sure that fleas do not become an accidental part of your household. If you have pets, make sure that you are using the flea and tick prevention treatments your vet recommends on a regular basis; and make sure that you are taking the time to regularly vacuum pet bedding, carpets, and furniture thoroughly as well.

The flea is a tiny bug, looking more like a speck of dirt then a pest on first glance. But, the moment it bites or jumps when you try to brush it away, it becomes quite clear that it is a flea. Once you see one, you need to be very aware that there is not just one in the house. Fleas breed very quickly and are extraordinarily difficult to eliminate.

When you begin to see fleas is when it is time to call Russell’s Pest Control. Our licensed pest control team is well trained on how to deal with problem fleas in a home. Our methods remove not only the adult fleas but also the eggs which so many over the counter solutions will generally not touch. A call to Russell’s Pest Control will put you back in control of any problem pest in your home, including fleas.

We Know Fleas Are Annoying But Are They Dangerous? in Knoxville TN

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