Top Earwig Prevention Tips

Many of us remember, back in the day, being sent out to the front yard to get the laundry off the line in the summer time. Each time, you were instructed to be sure that every item was shaken out thoroughly to ensure that no earwigs came inside with the freshly dried clothes; and each time the whispered warning from your brother as you walked out the door typically included something about earwigs getting inside your ear and making a nest. You approached the clothes line with fearful trepidation, making sure to keep your guard up for these dreaded creatures as you would fold the clothes – the hair on the back of your neck standing straight up the whole time. The sighting of one tiny earwig would send the article of clothing flying through the air as you ran wildly screaming and crying into the house and your brother stood by laughing hysterically, tears rolling down his cheeks. Oh, the memories…

The truth is that earwigs do not crawl into your ears. Most earwigs prefer life outdoors hiding in moist soil under rocks and other damp places. If they find their way inside, it is likely because they were accidentally introduced to the area by us. Laundry, boxes from the garage, bags of soil stored outside, plant pots, and many other items can all become transporters of earwigs. Sometimes, a lot of dry weather can force them to look for more appealing accommodations, and a damp crawlspace or basement might be just the ticket.

To prevent an earwig infestation, first, make sure that anything that is stored outside is thoroughly checked before bringing it in. This includes recycling such as newspapers, potted plants, boxes, books, and yes, laundry. Make sure that any openings around your home are sealed. Be sure to check vents, areas around windows and doors, and your foundation. Earwigs do not need a lot of space to get in; so make sure these areas are checked thoroughly. Also, be sure to use dehumidifiers, vents, or fans in high-moisture areas like basements and bathrooms.

Russell’s Pest Control can help you prevent earwigs and a multitude of other pests from invading your home. Our year-round pest protection plans are tailor-made for homeowners just like you who want to make sure that their home and their family are protected from infestations of dangerous and obnoxious pests. With one call to us, a trained technician will be on the way to do an initial inspection and to go over which plan will suit your needs and your budget best.

Top Earwig Prevention Tips in Knoxville TN

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