Take The Sting Out Of Spring

Ouch! You don’t want to get stung this spring – or any other time this year! Avoiding yellow jackets and their sting can be a chore, as they are worthy opponents if you come across them in your yard. They are not usually aggressive; but if they feel threatened or think their nest is at risk, they will become defensive.

Some people can be allergic to the venom that they inject with their stinger. Each yellow jacket can sting multiple times because they do not leave their stinger behind after a sting. These multiple stings can be extremely dangerous for people that are allergic and can make some people very ill – sometimes even to the point of death – although that is very rare.

Yellow jackets nest underground and in trees or bushes. Sometimes they nest inside walls or attics. If they feel any type of threatening vibration like a mower close by, that will alert them to danger, causing the colony to become aggressive as they want to protect their homes.

If a nest is spotted in a populated area around your home, it is a threat to your family and visitors, and you should contact a professional pest control technician to safely remove the nest. It is not advised that you attempt to remove the nest on your own.

Watch for signs of yellow jackets and try to eliminate anything that is attractive to them that is located too close to your home. Fruit from trees should be picked as soon as they are ripe, any overly ripe fruit will be enticing to yellow jackets. Garbage should be tightly closed and bins should be emptied and cleaned out to remove any sugary residue that is left behind. When eating a meal outdoors, be sure to clean up any food or drink spills right away. Open drink cups, cans, and bottles should not be left unattended since the yellow jackets will buzz right inside for a drink. If someone should bring that to their lips, they will get stung for sure.

Once a few yellow jackets have found your secret stash of sweets, they will bring others with them and continuously come back for more. That is why it is important to avoid having yellow jacket nests close to your home. In order for you to protect your family and visitors on your property, it is best to contact a professional.

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