Did You Know That Most Homeowners Insurance Policies Will Not Cover Termite Damage?

Did You Know That Most Homeowners Insurance Policies Will Not Cover Termite Damage?

Many homeowners have the impression that home insurance covers everything. But it doesn’t. In areas where there is regular flooding, you have to request flood insurance. If hurricanes are an issue, you may need to make sure you have coverage for hurricane damage. And if a threat is considered to be preventable through routine maintenance, many insurance companies will leave you holding the bill. Termites fall into this category. This kind of damage can be prevented through routine maintenance. The problem is that most homeowners aren’t equipped to perform this maintenance. Protecting a home from termite damage requires termite control knowledge, experience with this form of pest control, and access to the right products for the job. That is why homeowners turn to certified termite control professionals who offer a termite damage warranty. This type of warranty is like investing in termite insurance. Here are some things you should know.

4 Reasons to Add Termite Insurance in Tennessee

  • Termites in Tennessee are destructive. The termites we deal with are subterranean termites, the most destructive type of termite in the United States.
  • Termites are sneaky. If you don’t apply termite control correctly, you may not realize your efforts have failed until it is too late and you are left holding a significant repair bill that could wipe out a lot of your savings.
  • Termites are persistent. If you have a hole in your termite protection, it is likely that termite workers will find it. They never stop searching for food sources and they can travel as far as the length of a football field in search of food.
  • A termite warranty means security. Not only will your termite damage warranty pay for termite damage, it also comes with ongoing termite service from a professional who has the experience and training to make sure they don’t have to pay that money out.

At Russell’s Pest Control, we protect Greater Knoxville homes and business with the Sentricon® System with Always Active technology. Sentricon® is backed by a $1 million termite damage warranty and is scientifically proven to eliminate termite colonies. On top of this, the Sentricon® System makes the detection of destructive, sneaky, persistent termites a piece of cake. When termites try to attack your Knoxville area home, not only will your technician know it, you’ll know it. You can’t put a price on that. With liquid termiticide barriers, you never know if the money you spent on termite control was worth it. This causes some property owners to give up on paying for this essential protection.
Get your property protected. Get Sentricon®. Get real peace of mind. Russell’s Pest Control is a Certified Sentricon® Installer for the Greater Knoxville area. Contact us for a free consultation to get started.  

Are Termites Still A Threat In Tennessee?

Are Termites Still A Threat In Tennessee?

Termites are a pest that should never be ignored. The damage that occurs when termites are left alone can become severe. All you have to do is search for termite damage online and you’ll find an assortment of scary articles and unappealing photos. Tennessee has the perfect climate—moderate temperatures and humidity—for termites to thrive. The dropping temperatures of the fall season do not stop them from staying active, either.

Termite colonies are very efficient. They’re made up of different members that perform different duties within the colony to keep it functioning. There are workers, soldiers, and reproductive termites. Each of these members looks a little bit different. The workers are white in color. The soldiers look similar but have an elongated head and large jaws. The reproductive termites are bigger, darker, and have wings. The workers will forage for food to bring back to the other colony members who are doing their jobs. Cellulose found in wood, soil, and other organic matter is what they feed on. This is why the damage to your home can be so severe, they are eating away at the wood bit by bit. Termite colonies are very large in number, so with many mouths eating away, the damage can be quite extensive and costly. Termites are responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage each year in the United States. 

One of these reasons termites are so destructive is that they can survive year-round. Their nests are built underground allowing them to escape cold temperatures. This means that during the fall they are still as active as ever. Don’t be fooled and think they are dormant. It’s extremely important to watch out for the signs of termites to catch them as early as possible. 


  • A sure sign is seeing termites crawling in your home, though this is only likely to happen if you tear out a termite-infested wall. 
  • Termites create mud tubes that may be noticed around the foundation of your home.
  • Small piles of sawdust could also be a sign of termites.
  • Tunnels in any wooden structure of your home could be termites. The structures could be crumbling or breaking apart. This is also a behavior of carpenter ants. Either way, it’s advised to contact a professional.
  • Any damaged or damp wood can easily attract termites.
  • Checking for termite activity outdoors could give you hints to what’s indoors. If you find damp wood infested with termites outside, it’s possible they’ve made their way in the house or are going to soon. Termite colonies grow fast and are always looking for more food sources.
  • Any damage done to your home could potentially be because of termites. If you’re noticing a sagging floor or unstable ceilings, seek a professional right away. 
  • With some infestations, you can actually hear the termite activity in the walls. Try tapping on the wood and listening for a clicking sound. 

It’s never too late to contact pest control. If you are struggling with a termite infestation, or if you’d like to prevent one, contact Russell’s Pest Control today. Our termite control plan provides the best termite protection in East Tennessee. At Russell’s Pest, our technicians will install the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, which is scientifically backed and proven to work. Check out our video on how Sentricon® with Always Active™ works and contact us today to get started!

Termite Awareness Week

Termite Awareness Week
Are you as excited about termites as we are here at Russell’s Pest Control?  Well, it’s that time of year again- Termite Awareness Week is quickly approaching!  You may be wondering why we are so excited about termites, aren’t termites bad news?  We agree termites are very bad news, which is why we so are excited to spread the word about these damaging pests to hopefully help to stop termite infestations before they have the chance to start for the residents of East Tennessee!
Termites are a year-round pest that, once inside of a home or other building, will silently and continuously create tunnels and feed on the structural wood found inside.  Termites, if not stopped, can cause a lot of structural damage to homes that can be very time consuming and costly to repair.  In fact, it has been estimated that termites are responsible for causing over 5 billion dollars’ worth of damages to properties annually- believe us when we say, these pests are no joke!
Spring is right around the corner which means that temperatures start to increase and termites will become even more active.  Spring is also the time of year when the winged reproductive members of termite colonies swarm from the colony, mate, and start a new colony of their own.  This is why spring is the perfect time of year for the National Pest Management Association to “celebrate” and bring about termite awareness!  The fifth annual Termite Awareness week will be held this year from March 13-19, the goal is to increase termite awareness, educate the public about termites, and of course provide helpful prevention tips!
Russell’s wants to jump start termite awareness week by providing you with our own tips to help you notice the signs of termites in your home.  By understanding the warning signs you can get help from a professional termite control expert sooner rather than later and hopefully limit the damages caused by these pests!  Signs of termite activity in and around your home include:
  • Noticing mud tubes running on the surface of the ground toward your home or on the foundation or exterior walls of your home.  These mud tubes are usually about the width of a pencil and are what the termites use to travel from their nest to their food source.

  • Finding piles of wings near doors or windows. The reproductive members will discard their wings after swarming from the colony.  This is a good indicator that there is a mature termite colony living in or near your home.

  • Soft wood located within your home that sounds “hollow” when you tap on it.

  • Painting on the walls of your home that is starting to appear splintered or blistered.

  • In the case of a large infestation, you may notice doorways or ceilings that are starting to appear warped. 

For more information about termites, the termite control services provided by Russell’s Pest Control, or for more information about termite awareness week 2016, contact Russell’s today!