Why Do I Have Flies in the Winter?

Fruit flies in Knoxville TN home - Russell's Pest Control

Flies are typically associated with the summer heat, especially here in Knoxville. The presence of flies in the home is never pleasant, and during the winter they may cause confusion for many homeowners. Fly infestations are one of the most common winter pests, and there’s a reason why they’re indoors. The most effective way to prevent winter pests, such as fruit flies and cluster flies, is to learn what attracts them to your home. Russell’s Pest Control has all the info you need to get rid of winter flies on your property once and for all.

Common Flies in the Winter

Cluster flies and fruit flies are the most common types of flies in your home during the winter. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  1. Cluster flies
    • Larger dark gray flies with yellow hairs on their thorax and overlapping wings
    • Commonly found around windows, basements, or attics
    • Group together in dark, secluded areas to go into diapause or hibernation
    • Begin to re-emerge in the spring or on warmer days to regain heat and energy
  2. Fruit flies
    • Tiny flies that are light in color with big red eyes
    • Commonly found in kitchens or warm, moist areas like your trash or drains
    • Lay eggs in rotting fruit, food, or plant material
    • Often get indoors by hiding inside grocery bags

Getting Rid of Winter Flies

Like most pests, fruit and cluster flies cannot survive the cold temperatures during the winter months. Cluster flies won’t reproduce in your property, but fruit fly infestations can quickly grow in size and become a real nuisance. In order to avoid dealing with these pests, you have to prevent them in the first place. Follow these steps to get rid of winter flies:

  1. In the fall, it is imperative to seal off your home to keep cluster flies out. Do this by caulking cracks on the property. Sealing windows and doors is especially important, as these flies tend to enter homes under baseboards and window frames.
  2. In order to eliminate fruit flies, it’s best to eliminate their food and shelter sources. You should always throw away rotting food from your pantry or fridge. Take your garbage outside regularly and use tight-fitting lids on your cans. Lastly, focus on sealing cracks and crevices around windows and doors near your kitchen.

Need Help With Fly Control in Knoxville TN?

This winter, you should contact a local fly control expert if you have a fly infestation in your property. Here at Russell’s Pest Control, we work hard to eliminate the conditions in your home that can lead to a fly infestation. Contact us today today to learn more!